Limited Space? Miniature Painting & Cheap Storage Hacks

a lot of hobbyists in this hobby don’t
have space to paint Dont have space to work this video is gonna show you how
you can hobby in such a small limited space so guys Painting Miniatures in little spaces
a question I get asked all the time I know I’ve done a video on the frontier
wargaming the really nice and box that you’ve seen me review before if you’ve
got you know enough disposable income and you know you serious about travel
painting and all just like you don’t have the space and you somewhere to put
all your stuff that you’re working on plushie panes plus everything it’s an
awesome hobby box okay if you’ve not wanting to spend that sort of money this
videos for you plus the extra okay because the biggest thing about having a
paint station it’s the table eats your lights it’s it’s not just storage it’s
not just paint and paint storage is everything else that goes with it so
we’re talking to me mate David rider from Rough Rider mitches awesome
Commission painter awesome blows my stuff right out of the water and he
found this little box online it’s amazing and it’s really cheap so I’ll do
this video we’ll start off with the table and we’ll start talking through
all the other bits and yeah I’ll see you at the end right so first off best thing
about this table it fits under your sofa and so if you are looking for space you
go anywhere next thing that’s good about this is it completely flat packs as you
can tell um it completely opens up and eats a laptop table so you can have the
top slanted you can have it flat it’s completely height adjustable so now
whether you certainly sold for at home whether you sat on a barstool whether
you sat just on any different height surface like a footstool and you want to
paint you can lower it right down or higher it up to wherever you want now
that’s the table solid what about your paints what do you do with them
we stick them in a box now this box can be purchased from Amazon or Ebay
wherever what they are is in essential oils box at home the super cheap
I think the range from about 10 pounds up to about 30 pounds depending on
amount of paints and everything else that you want to put in them the bed
from like a neoprene material and the rock hard right so when you open them up
you’ll realize that we Vallejo fit and work now with painters fit well the
coat-of-arms p3 bottled ones like that fit as well and obviously that’s another
army painter done a while showing that and Games Workshop ones do fit they’re
just a little bit tight which is good I mean it just stops it from falling out
you can fit a very small cutting mat in there which is ideal for you know
keeping your surface clean this is the little one from our painter you could
get one slightly smaller which fit a little bit better you want a cup now
this is a lovely fine from the pound shop it’s a nice flat packable pint
glass I’ve used this at festivals and stuff but it’s brilliant hmm as you can
see stars very easily you’ve got room for all your modelling tools glues
brushes whatever you want in the top one thing I would advise with this is if you
are putting your model brushes in the back of that I’d find like a metal
pencil case or something that you can put them in and just slide them in this
way the case will still shoot it will protect the brushes and also it’s still
gonna close up and everything else so plinth its base to work there I mean you
could put a couple of pay could leave the paints at the side of you on the
side wet palette I mean you could use the lid of that way bit of a sponge in a
bit of paper on top we can have to make your own I mean the one that I’m using
is far too big for this box but you can get bigger essential oil boxes to fit
larger stuff in now White’s you could use just like a lamp like this if you
really tie it on a budget but the problem is is yellow and it’s not where
you want it what I like to use his desk lamps
now I don’t want a desk lamp that’s got like a base one is heavy so if you put
it on that will eventually bend it and it takes up space that you haven’t got
when you’re working on such a small area this is a clamp of all one that cost
about 10 15 pounds and you can get them off Amazon
and as you can see clamps on very well you can even leave this clamp on and
take the lamp out of it if you wish but that saves on space and it just means
you can position it wherever you need to as you can see very substantial
workspace lit up quite well and you could get another lamp if you wished if
you want to spend a little bit more money and that way you could have a
light from either side but you can position this lamp to anywhere you need
which is perfect for when you’re painting now we’re moving it and
position it around I like to move out of a moveable light source because
obviously if you work it on just like base coat and stuff yeah after that in
secret and you can you can normally see what you want to see when you’re
starting to get into like how-to details or doing some finer work it’s nice just
to lift the lamp out of the way and get you read right in there now you could
position this lamp beside your face where you need it it’s just a great lamp
and if you want you could have two of them to Destin second one next thing
we’re gonna put your basement it so you’re basing materials now I have a
second box like this to do it really this holds enough basic materials and
Tufts and glues and stuff that you’re gonna need at end of the day if you
haven’t got like a hobby space dedicating to be doing massive terrain
tables and doing anything massively oversized maybe a little diorama at the
most now this box can hold plenty okay so that’s another good thing about as
well as you can pop it at the side of you while you’re working on the sofa it
keeps all the static grass and everything and I’ll yield the bits and
pieces quite come you know together so you’re not gonna get it all over the
sofa room have your wife having a go at you
it’s just convenient simple and it keeps you organized now yes I’m using all my
own stuff from my own range but if you are just a miniature painter I advise
looking at the loops ApS base ready range
it’s already mixed up stuff that you just literally dip your model in and
Dorma I can sprinkle it on like this use a couple of toughs and just look at that
finished it’s awesome okay I love themself the grateful
Commission’s because it just means that you’re doing a one-step thing rather
than a six step process and it just looks great for minimal effort so if you
like shut out do check all the links below guys and if there’s anything in
this video that you were actually seen there will be links to the table the
links to the box where I get a cut back from Amazon themself so guys what do you
think outing is awesome I mean oh I might not need to use it the
table and the the tube though it is ideal if I go to a mates house won’t
bring any stuff or even if I got some a brother’s house and he’s got a limited
painting space so if I want to sit and paint with him I can take the table and
the and the little box of paints of what I’m using with me so it is quite handy
even for me so I’m sure somebody will make use of this information but tell me
what you do below I mean I don’t like the tool box option because it gets
messy but this because some I’m quite an organized if if it allows me to be on
organized something like that I can’t all right
um but I just thought that guys if you are interested in buying like that case
or if you’re interested in buying the table and do have Amazon affiliate links
now so if you buy anything from them I get a cut back else and keep doing these
channels I’ve had to buy the stuff to do the video so yeah help me out one other
thing I’ve had a lot of American and Canadian people wanting to buy my stuff
okay postage has gone through the roof as a
lot of you know nothing we can do about that so we now have a u.s. a distributor
all the links to his store below Tim spadowski is is working with us now
and yeah so if you want to buy any stuff in US or Canada
check the link below and you’ll be able to buy all my stuff in the u.s. in
Canada it’s put a big pre-order in and we’ve started the the first initial
order out that we’re going out soon and he’s also been doing pre-orders on a
second order so if you are wanting to get anything
Lynx and soon it will be constantly stopped star alright guys
without open to branch out into Australia very shortly and yeah
all building up and looking great but anyway guys thanks for watching thanks
for tuning in and yeah I’ll see you next week for some more average videos it’s
in a bit love love love

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