Level Up: CAL’s Video Game Design Afterschool Program

I come to Level Up each week because I like the program. I like being able to learn about video games, being able to make my own video game, being able to learn about game mechanics because that’s one of the things I aspire to be so this is very uplifting for me that there’s a program, for free, I can go to to learn about this. The feeling I had was that I was scared, when I first played the VR set, I played the climbing game, cause when I turned behind it was like a giant cliff – I thought I was going to fall but I realized I wasn’t really in the game. Maybe I could be like a person that can teach other kids how to make their own game. You give a free service to people who are interested in that specific subject –and– it is really nice of this program to do that because there aren’t many programs like this in Cleveland. I would want to come to more programs with CAL.

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