Learning to Draw: How to Draw a Horse – Fine Art-Tips.

Hello, and welcome to another tutorial Tuesday! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
I am so happy to see you again. Today I’ll draw a horse for you. I begin by practicing the line that I want to do. Then I sketch an organic form similar to a peanut. This is how I start drawing a horse, if it is in profile. Then I gently mark where the head is going to get up to,
and also the sides of the neck. This is very light and maybe it can’t be seen very well. I sketch the muscles which for right now
will have a very simplified triangular shape. I continue by now giving some form to the neck. I do the legs with straight lines. The hoof goes about here. And now the hind legs. I will speed this out otherwise
some of my students may fall asleep and i will get distracted with the snoring. I do the shape of the head, and the features. This peanut is a little bit long, i’ll make it shorter. The tail. I begin shading. I’m using a couple of pictures as reference, but I want the muscles and bones
to show in my drawing, so it looks more rich and more realistic but as I can’t see those in the picture, I am also using a horse anatomy diagram. I hope that with all of this, i can get a good result. Here for example I draw some muscles. I lightly suggests the ribs. And I continue in this way,
shading while doing the form and the details. There some other bones that
one may see, like the knee. I reinforce some shadows and then
put some reflexions with the eraser. Very well. I hope at no time I woke up
those who have fallen asleep, but mostly I hope that it was helpful
for those who manage to stay awake. In the comments I would love to know
what do you think about it. If you enjoyed it please give it a like
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are below and see you next Tuesday.


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