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I am a huge nerd and I watch a lot of lectures online. One of my favorite guys to watch is a guy called Walter Lewin from MIT, and aside from being a fantastic Physicist he also has another amazing talent. ( makes dotted lines on chalkboard like a boss ) He is able to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard with unbelievable speeds and crazy precision, and it makes a pretty cool noise too. ( does the amazing noise again ) Next week I start a new lecturing job, and I thought it’d be a pretty cool idea if I hit the ground running and impressed my Students with a skill as well. So I wonder how long it’ll take me to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard like Walter Lewin ( Learn Quicks are just the best ) As always this is day one, hour zero. All right, so I have absolutely No idea how he does this. He like sounds like he’s like vibrating his hand [Tapping noises on chalkboard] I mean the noise the noise that you get * tries to imitate the noise* His hand doesn’t even seem to move at all. It just goes fine * imitates noise again* Kind of did it [Keep going Mike!] Ok, so I think I’ll figure something out there. Let me try and get so these lines here. I drew by pressing at an angle like this Th-there we go. It’s like skipping on the board. [YAAAY YOU DID IT!!!] I think I got it I got it *carries on being amazing* * Makes the background tune with the scraping noises* So, I think I’ve got the technique down. The technique is to hold the chalk firmly on the end like this But push on the board lightly, so it allows it to skip I’ve got to a point where I can control the amount of space between each of the dashes in the line So if I want a really fine line, I can push really hard and and hold the chalk quite firmly And I get an almost continuous lightning. I can really the pressure that I’m holding the chalk and How hard and pushing against the board To get a wider spaced line, right? I think I finally got that down. Hopefully this will allow me to make a good first impression with my new students All right, first day today and this This is my classroom [Oh for god’s sake! They don’t have chalkboards!] [All that effort for nothing!]


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