Learn Google Earth: Drawing and Measuring

SPEAKER: With Google Earth,
you can trace and measure just about any place on the planet. The toolbar at the top of
the Google Earth window includes tools for creating a
path or polygon on your map. With the Add Path tool, you
can designate the end points of your path by
clicking and releasing your left mouse button. Or you can trace
a free form path by holding down your left mouse
button and dragging the cursor. Shark. You can enter a name and
description for your path in the Description tab
of the New Path dialog. The Style Color tab
includes options for setting the width and
color of your new path. While in the View tab, you
can change the default view for your path, then click
Snapshot Current View to save it. In the Altitude tab,
you can change how high your path extends into the air. And the Measurements
tab provides information about the length of your
path with a dropdown menu for selecting your
preferred units. Once you’ve finished
drawing your path, click OK to add the new path
to the My Places folder. The process for
creating a polygon is essentially the same. However, for polygons,
the Style Color tab includes settings for the
fill color and opacity, and the Measurements
tab includes information about the perimeter and area. Another useful measurement
feature is the Ruler tool. You can use the Ruler to measure
the length of a straight line or path. In the Ruler dialog
window, you’ll find dropdown menus for
choosing the measurement units. Let’s travel to
Yosemite National Park. In the Earth Gallery, you
can search for and open the famous hike to Half Dome. To measure the
altitude of points along a given path
in the Places pane, choose Show Elevation Profile
from the right-click menu. The Elevation
Profile will appear at the bottom of the 3D Viewer. As you move your cursor
through the chart, an arrow will move
along your path displaying information
for distance traveled, elevation above sea
level, and percent grade. Click dragging through
the elevation chart will display
cumulative statistics for the selected
portion of the path. Google Earth is a
virtual globe that lets you create and analyze
geographic information. Go to earth.google.com
to download the latest version for free.

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