Lantern Design Ring 3D Modeling in Rhino 6: Jewelry CAD Design Tutorial #98

Welcome back to PJ Chen Design. We are going to work on this radio structure type of a ring. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Let’s start at the front view. We want to create a circle and that set a diameter for 16 millimeter Then we want to come in to the top. Let’s draw a sphere right at this quadrant over there And we can set up whatever size that you think is good for you And we also want to make sure it is a little bit Shallower and we’re gonna move this on the top So first, I would like to do the design to flow it back on the top we are going to use create UV curve and To get this area right there. After we get this, we are going to get a straight line snapping it to the midpoint. I’m going to have a straight line going from this point to this point after we do that, we want to rebuild this curve that rebuild it into 9 points Degrees 3, and basically I’m just going to move those two points and those two points coming over here Alright, and then we also want the thickness on it. So I want to make a copy maybe roughly about 1 millimeter Or less over there, and we can mirror this guy to the other side. Notice that everything coming into the point may not be too good So I wanted to do is draw a straight line right here, and also to be symmetrical. I want to mirror to the other side? And let’s use those two to trim off this point over there So we can delete this curve and that curve to make it nice and smooth We are going to use the blend command. and we’re gonna blend it from here to here, and also from here to here Let’s go-ahead to join everything. So now we have this curve. We want to close it by giving a straight line right there, and also straight line right there, and let’s go ahead to join them one more time I’m going to extrude this and let’s go in one direction. Solid=Yes not the both sides, and we want to extrude to 0.8 millimeter So we got something like this over here. We’re going to flow it back to this ball right here So let’s create a surface To avoid you have everything coming in to the point, and the surface might get really weird, and we’re gonna set the stone right the middle anyway So we will go to make this a little bit shorter, and we want to use the flow along this surface and we want to click at this this object right there and Pick up the corner over here and coming over to the seam, and pick up the same as well So you can see this one is hopping over there Notice that this is like in the opposite side, so we’re gonna do one more time. We’re gonna do flow along the surface and click on the other side. So you will go into the outside instead of the inside of the ball Then I’m gonna come over to the top view. We are going to do the polar array I’m going to guess for eight of them and see if I like it. Alright, so it seems really nice It’s overlapping everything’s so if this is what you want And we can keep this you can go ahead into boolean, if you want to. The second thing I want to design is the ring shank, so let’s work on the bottom of the ring shank we’re gonna get roughly about 1.5 millimeters thickness and then we have this coming over to the top nicely So I want to draw a line over here. Something like this any tag will help or it depends on what angle that you’re going to have and then we are going to Blend from this this arc to this point right there, so you will get really nice Curve there, and if you don’t like it, you can always adjust it and we no longer need this curve So we just gonna delete it. I’m going to split this one with the point Right at the quadrant So I did it the other half because we need to only work on half of them, and I’m also gonna split one more time one at a buttom and One over here So now I can delete that I can only work on these two curves Looking at the right view and notice this curve is not straight. So that’s coming over to the front view Project to the Cplane. We want to delete the input. So now it goes back to straight Let me turn everything off, and we just want to work on here So I’m going to use the conic corner and then we wanted to start with the three-point First and second coming in to the side and you can decide it whatever. How wide you want it to have? And I basically want to have a cushion looking things like this I’m going to move it back to the end point over there Then I’m gonna come over here use oriented to point and we want to orient it this one make sure copy=yes And then the scale is 3d and we’re gonna go from here to here and go from here to here. if they are not in the right angle. We want to use the 3d rotate Let’s rotated this way so they will be flat Okay, so now to Creating the surface, we need to do sweep two rails, rail One, rail two, you go from this point at that point, and I want everybody Align to the inside of a ring shank, and facing the same direction We want to record a history just in case we need to change anything The cross-section doesn’t look really nice over there. So I want to add slash from here to here for example From here to here, so they will look more organized and will click That will be one of the shank let’s turn on the stone and see how that fit in there if that doesn’t touch anything, so you might want to increasing the size Of your cross section so that way that will touch that nicely Otherwise, you won’t have a completely casting if you like that just go ahead to mirror that to the other side and If you click on the record history we can keep editing. if you happen need to change those one more time to make it wider and The other side will change as well Okay, so let me turn this off one more time If this is the things that you like. all you need to do is to join them and we also want to cap it So we will have a solid over there All we have left is put the stone over there And I have a stone set in class online class on my website You can check out my other course as well. Currently, I’m Running for the stone setting class and also a clasp design class and I will have other class coming up pretty soon I hope you enjoy the video today. Check out my website and I will see you next


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