Kristen Stewart Tries Drawing Elizabeth Banks | Sketch, Please | Refinery29

(Kristen) Hey, what’s up? We’re the cast of Charlie’s Angels. We’re here at Refinery29. We’re playing, Sketch — (Ella) Ready? (Naomi) Ohh. (Kristen) We’re ready to go. (Naomi) Yeah, let’s do it. Go. (Kristen) What would the movie poster look like if you designed it? (Naomi) I feel like I don’t want to show you. (Ella) Yeah, I know, I don’t want to see it. (Kristen) Action. (Ella) Dude, she’s getting in with the colors. Okay. (Naomi) I don’t even know if this is the correct um… (Kristen) Almost. Three, two, you done. (Naomi) Well, it looks like a little man, who’s you know… Let’s see yours. (Ella) Coming to a theater near you. BANG. (Naomi) It’s a ghost. Wait, that’s better. (Kristen) Conceptually, I have to go with Ella. (Naomi) I agree. It’s fine. (Naomi) What does Charlie look like? You got this. (Kristen) Can you use words? (Naomi) Ella looks like she’s working out a mathematical equation. And time, guys, please. Put down your pencil. (Kristen) Mine is, lady times one million infinity equals Charlie. Charlie, who’s that? He’s just some dude that doesn’t exist anymore, and you know who is now taking his place? All of us, girls, all of us. (Ella) If you were to get a group tattoo, what would it be? (Naomi) I know, and I wonder if either of you will know what I’m talking about. Done. (Kristen) How did you do that so fast? (Naomi) This is an in thing. (Kristen) Ohhh. (Naomi) Yeah? (Kristen) Nay won. (Naomi) Oh! (All) Laughing (Kristen) Perspective is kind of — (Naomi) Aww, that was really cute. (Kristen) We create a perfect balance or cube or whatever. She drew a diagram for us and was like, this is why we’re perfect for each other. I’m like, I mean, I could have told you that just based on feel. And she’s like, well actually… (Naomi) I have a diagram for it. (Kristen) You guys, what was your favorite costume slash look from the movie? It should be an expression that I make. A look? You’re like, how about this look? (Ella) Okay. (Naomi) Oh my gosh. (Ella) She’s regal. (Naomi) You look like Mr. Blobby. (Naomi and Ella) It’s the same costume, just different. Same costume! (Naomi) Kristen has a costume in the movie and she kind of looks a bit like a Storm Trooper and it’s a white tank top. I love it, I love her body in it. I love everything about it. (Ella) Multifunctional. (Ella) Draw the movie in three emojis. (Kristen) Oh goodness. (Naomi) Oh goodness. (Kristen) This is great. This is good work. (Ella) Three, two one… (Kristen) Oh God, I’m so happy. (Naomi) Laughing. That’s crying because there is emotion in the movie as well. (Kristen) Yeah. There’s motion, emotion… (Naomi) And then this is the love, because they send the love. (Naomi) Draw your best Elizabeth Banks. Alright, yep, we are nearly done. Nearly done. Three, two, one, stop cooking. (Ella) Elizabeth Banks is a power house. (Naomi) Act better angels. This is true. (Kristen) She’s a gunner, she’s a pusher. (Naomi) Yeah, exactly. I think we smashed that, right? (Kristen) Thanks for having us. (Ella) And watch the movie. (Naomi) Oh yeah, Charlie’s Angels. (Ella) We have good fun. (Kristen) Sometimes. (Naomi) So what do we do? Does someone win? Does someone win a prize if someone’s better? (Kristen) I’m thoroughly enjoying this. Mhmm. (All) It’s gonna be me.

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