Kids Prank With Golmaal Jr on Sonic .. | #Fun #Roleplay #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Anantya you are laughing here That kids from Tower B have made fun of mine Watch this amazing brand new Golmaal Junior show you Know this show is just like as the movie “Golmaal” All that movie characters Gopal, Madhav and their friends are there in this show yes you are true its an amazing show eat this what you have putted in this I’ve putted Chilli paste in it and now I’ll show them playing some more awesome pranks have a sweet taste Eating this Lollipop did you enjoyed this prank keep watching it to have more fun If you like doing Pranks then hit LIKE & get this video to 1,00,000 Likes also do SUBSCRIBE to my channel “MyMissAnand” we are near to reach 3M Subscribers they are coming Ok Mayra you go home and I’ll think something else Wow! what an ice cream lets ask for ice cream from her leave it….sure she will be doing some prank like always Anantya you are eating alone give this to us you want this ok have it share it between both of you again did a prank anyway leave all these it was happened by mistake now I’ll show you a magic trick isn’t a prank?? No not at all its just a magic trick now let me show you the trick who want to see the magic first here I am keeping the coin below it and you need to peek in it like this so that was my today’s video and In a prank, I myself got pranked Golmaal Junior is on air daily at Sonic TV which is just like the bollywood movie Golmaal so must watch it its like a fun filled roller coaster and yeah video is not ended here lets watch my favourite scenes from its first episode with me

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