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(shaver buzzing) – Why do I have a lightning bolt going onto my head, Oscar? – Because lightning bolts are the best! (shaver buzzing) (funky bass music) – I’m Lydia. – I’m Oscar.
– I’m Atlas. – I’m Oscar. She’s our mom. – Yeah, it’s true. (yells) – Yes! – We’d really wanna listen
and before I’d also like you to think about how nice of a mother I am and all the things I’ve done for you. – Please don’t give me a mullet. – Oh, I’ll give you a mullet,
I’m giving you a mullet. – The only direction… – [Atlas] Oh this one’s perfect mom. – Oh no. (laughs) – I wanna cool color,
like red, orange, yellow, imagine that. And then it would look
like it was on fire. (upbeat bass music) – [Atlas] Fire! – No, no, no, I don’t like that. I want like, this color. (upbeat bass music) It’s underwater. – You two, work together. – No ’cause that one’s bad. – I want it to be shaved in the back but there’s a symbol or something. – Ooh. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. – A lightning bolt. Mom, what do you think of this? – Um, it’s really bright. – [Both] Choose, choose, choose. – I mean, I don’t know. (laughs) They’re just both such great options. – [Oscar] Mom are you nervous? (Lydia sighs) – I mean, I’m more disappointed that I wasted a year growing my hair out. How are you guys gonna feel tomorrow after I have my hair done like this? – Happy, happy, happy! – Happy, unless its Oscar’s. – Oh yes! (mumbles) (electric beat music) – Well, the blue one.
– Mine. – Describe it to me, what
is it supposed to look like? – So we’re gonna shave over here but then there’s gonna be a lightning
bolt in the back right here. – Mom, we’re gonna make it look epic! – You’re getting really warm, are you starting to sweat a little mom? – Yes! – Just put ’em right against her skin, and just go straight up Oh, look at that! Goodbye. – Goodbye! – Oh my gosh, you wore
makeup on your forehead? – Well yeah, otherwise I’ve
got all these crease lines from how much you stress me out right now. I try to cover them up and relax. – I can still see it. – That’s my finger. – Oh, that would’ve been my ear. – This is lightener and it will make your mom’s hair lighter. – I mean, so you’re gonna
go all the way to the root. – Uh, yeah, unless you don’t want me to. – What’s a root? – No, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it! – Do it! – Oh, your hair feels so weird. (laughing) – [Casey] Don’t get it on her face. – Whoa, it’s bluish! (blow drying whirling) – Hallelujah, hallelujah. – Hey, don’t pick your nose
on camera, it’s the worst man. You gotta pull it together,
can you go wash your hands? – Wait, I wanna see your other ear. – That’s not blue.
– Did you wash? Is that the pick it hand?
– I think it was. – Go wash it!
– No it’s a different one! – It’s almost like you’re
painting on a canvas but you’re gonna be painting on the hair. (funky electric music) Do not get it on the face,
yeah, just like right here. Very good job. (electric bass music) – I was thinking like that kind of. – Like this one?
– Yeah. – Okay. (shaver buzzing) – Why do I have a lightning
bolt going onto my head, Oscar? – Because lightning bolts are the best! (shaver buzzing) – Don’t touch this chair, son. (shaver buzzing) Buddy, that chair, son. – Do you want me to dye
the inside of that, black? – Oh yeah! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Yeah, do it black! – Oh my gosh! – Do not touch this chair! – When you get home, you’re
gonna be proud of us. Aw, that’s so cool! (thumping) (water running) – You are the protector of the deep! (blow drying whirling) – [Casey] Alright, you guys did it! – Are you ready to see what you look like? – Yes! – Ready?
– Flip it! – Oh! Wow, I’m actually, I
thought it was gonna look creepy. No, it’s good! Are you happy with it? – Yup, it’s really cool! – It is really cool! – You look like the coolest mom ever! – Aw, thank you! – Everyone in my class will like you. – Don’t they already like me? – Yeah!
– Okay. (laughs) (funky bass music)


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