Get the brand-new limited-edition pals holiday package available at I need to come clean, I need to tell the world what I did I have something To another Roblox video today, we are going to Troll some people with admin commands we are in adopt and raise a cute kid in roblox And we are at the hospital because the hospital is the place to be Stay I’m gonna teleport everybody tp all me TP everybody here everybody All right now. I’m gonna mass message. Everybody now go in the hospital now go in the hospital Everybody into the hospital now we need people behind the desk we need people work in the surgeries we need people in the back doing the I don’t know washing all the people what happens in hospitals I mean yeah, I guess people that need to be washed go to the hospital I Don’t know great roll place so far by small potato. Yes. It is a great roll place so far. It’s Beautiful, I’m gonna uninvite my self on It’s not letting me unenviable myself I thought this was gonna be a fun roleplay, but apparently I can’t unadvisable myself visible me Oh, it’s visible me. Ha ha hi. Sorry. I’m here. Where did I go okay? What seems to be the problem young J. Swag? I’m sick alright somebody help spongebob, please sketch Do you like my outfit you look great? You look like Thor I can run super fast that doesn’t seem like a problem to me alright So now what we’re gonna. Do is now that everybody is role-playing and not really I Tried to get you guys to come in here have nice roleplay sesh, but apparently everyone’s just gonna crowd around That’s why I’m gonna turn invisible, so you guys can’t see where I am gotta go to visibly. Where did I go? Oh? Where am I? Nobody knows where I am okay now. I’m going to slowly one by one kidnap everybody Starting with Bella M. Five nine five five nine five boom where Bella go. That’s yes because Here comes the clowns you take her away goodbye Bella It’s been a great time having you here chillin who’s next to get kidnapped from the evil Hospital. That’s nice You’re in a lot of videos so Now is your time to pay for being in all my vids goodbye, forever Sponge Bob Clown cars coming in hot it’s gonna come get you take you away kidnap me snake one 365 Okay, kidnap snake one three six five here. It comes. Are you ready to be kidnapped? I? Love it. No matter where you are in the server the clown car. Just comes straight through whatever’s there alright now. It’s time for Everlast Lily goodbye Kidnap ever last Lily goodbye ever last Lily. It’s been great been fun time Kidnap me okay this person wants to be kidnapped. What’s your name? OOP Louise junior? Where’d she go there? She’s all the way over here Goodbye Have fun being kidnapped. I thought this was hospital R. P it is Hospital R. P except, it’s an evil hospital that kidnaps all their patients Who will get kidnapped next it could be anybody anybody could be kidnapped is there anybody even left inside the hospital I don’t think anybody’s even in here. What happened Becky is turkey kidnap the Becky. I’m Becky yeah I know you’re Becky the Becky the turkey, and I’m trying to kidnap you What is your username kidnapped me okay eyeball man wants me to kidnap him? Please don’t well you just asked me to you’re giving me mixed messages. This is not Hospital roleplay Yeah, I understand that I thought you guys we’re gonna roleplay And then I’d like go through and like one by one Kidnap people and everyone be like what’s going on and everyone knows what I’m doing now So no, it doesn’t matter now the joke is up Elijah. Please kidnap me wait what okay? Goodbye Buzz girl it’s been fun. It’s been a great time there He is don’t give away my position everybody wants to be kidnapped you all want to be kidnapped fine Kidnap, oh we’re all getting kidnapped. We’re all going away for a long time Okay, if anybody has a problem with that you can bring it up with my lawyer. I don’t have a lawyer Everyone’s like I’m sorry Here comes the army of clown pens Look out rod guys. What are you doing? You’re standing here? I’m just kidding. It freezes you when you get kidnapped. Goodbye everybody whoo Everybody got kidnapped hello clown, man. How are you doing? I’m going away for a long time. Goodbye whoo That was fun. That was a good time now what I want to do is some more different. I want to kidnap some unsuspecting People all right when I do I’m gonna do Invisible me real quick No one can see me, and I’m gonna fly me and then I’m gonna fly away so no one can see me Oh yeah, and then I’m gonna stalk people like these people right here. Let’s see this Luke guy right here What’s this guy’s name? She he is very cute. Goodbye Luke. It’s been real Lucas. It has been so real I’ll see you another day. Goodbye my friend. He’s gonna love it there He’s gonna love it within the kidnapped place the place you go when you get kidnapped hmm, who else should we kidnap? Maybe we should kidnap someone’s kid. That’d be sick. I’m gonna kidnap Darcy kidnap Darcy one three four five nine Goodbye, Darcy. It’s been fun chillin with you Bye, have a great time wherever you goin why I don’t know why not want to be my friend. Oh my Goodness Rebecca wants friends I can give you friends clown friends, but you know friends goodbye Rebecca have fun with your new friends Goodbye, forever. I don’t think anybody even noticed that I’m kidnapping people their friends Just get picked up and driven away and no one cares can Kidnapping people get old does it get boring the easy answer is no. It does not get boring at all we’re gonna keep on Kidnapping people like this little girl right here when she’s spamming the checked Routine 11 routine 11 is hungry. I know this great clown pizza place down the street you’re gonna Love it you’re gonna. Love. It. Goodbye She’s chasing after the van go get her. Where did you go? Oh? She’s never gonna get that kid back? This is mean I feel mean at this point I’m just I’m messing with these people so hard like I have to rejoin the server and find new families So sad I need to put down my life a crime. I need to stop kidnapping people. It’s not right It’s not ethical it is funny, but it’s not right. I need to come clean with what I’ve done I need to tell the world what I did. I have something to tell all of you I am so sorry for the kidnappings Kidnappings has to peace. I shouldn’t have done what I did But I did it because it was funny does that make it right? No, but I have become a bigger person because of today’s events I Will now kidnap myself for what I have done yours truly Stupid I want everybody on this server to see to see me get kidnapped TP all Me okay, everybody listen up. I did something bad today I must be punished all of you have to watch look at me this goes out to everybody watching at home This is what happens if you kidnap people you get kidnapped. Goodbye everybody. I’m sorry for what I did to you. I’m so sorry Alright guys. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson today don’t kidnap people Also, if anybody was wondering where people get sent when they get kidnapped. This is where they get sent Let’s just turn the volume up this insanely scary staircase And it just goes down forever like it you can just walk forever, and it never it never ends I mean I’ve walked down for like 10 minutes straight And it’s never ended so like maybe it ends at some point, but as far as I can tell it’s never it never ends But yeah very spooky. I’m not sure who made this game, but Whoever did it was a genius. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed watching it I did play it if you guys want to see more kidnapping videos Let me know down in the comments below like the video and subscribe it really helps me a lot And I’ll be sure to do just that but as always I will see you in the next video take it easy


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