Keeping the M25 clean through innovative design

The Vacuum Litter Machine is a machine designed
to reduce the amount of time that our workforce spends clearing litter and
waste from our M25 network. Connect Plus Services is a joint venture between
Balfour Beatty, Atkins and Egis, it’s a 30 year contract maintaining the M25
network. Working with Balfour Beatty Plant and Fleet services, we have designed, manufactured and now operate this machine. It’s designed to clear areas
with high densities of litter for example the bottom of slip roads. The
machine is a two-person operation, one driver, one operator. It is essentially
a vacuum, the operator works a remote control system managing the end of the
boom essentially swaying the boom over the top of the waste collecting the
waste as it goes. This 18 ton machine has a capacity of five meters cubed. Before
we introduced this Vacuum Litter Machine our colleagues would go out to the
network with a litter picking stick and a black sack and manually collect each
item of litter. It improves the efficiency of our works, it creates a safer working
environment for our workforce, reducing the time in which our workforce is exposed
to high volumes of traffic. The vacuum litter machine proves that working
collaboratively within existing Balfour Beatty skill sets we can achieve
remarkable outcomes for our operations but ultimately, our customers.

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