KCTC Design Lab Program Overview

The best part of Design Lab is getting to do something different every couple of weeks. We transform the lab set up for woodworking then we tear it down, we set up soldering irons, we have computers out we’re doing computer coding And there’s never a dull moment. There’s so much to see, do, create. And the students that come into class bring with them a kind of energy and passion that just makes me smile. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had as an educator. Design Lab is using science, technology, engineering and math to solve problems Students who like to tinker, or like to build stuff, like to design or create, those kind of students find an avenue or a path to turn that into a livelihood and they can see, hey, this is what I need to study, this is what I need to do…there’s classes I can take at KCTC to help me on my goal My favorite thing about Design Lab is all the new experiences with woodworking and coding and I just get to try so many new things that I didn’t even know existed before. You get to test a bunch of stuff, like you got a lot of hands on activities you do and you get to meet new people from different districts. We do some classroom work and we then apply what we’re learning in the lab. We have an online course where students take a math or science class for high school credit Everyone in Design Lab is a tenth grader. At that point in your high school career you need to fit in certain credits at a certain time In order to have the flexibility to be here on campus for over two hours we need to have the online course so that you don’t fall behind in credits back at your sending school I understand the curriculum and what’s needed but there are areas of our class that I don’t know so what we do is we bring in industry experts We got to go visit, take field trips to companies It’s not only that we’re sitting in the classroom or working in the lab, we’re also going and getting real life experiences. and then you realize, oh, maybe I like this atmosphere better, or maybe I like that atmosphere better and focus on what you like to do. Students who are willing to take a chance, try something they may not have liked before often times go on to find out its something that they absolutely loved and it’s a passion and they had no idea about that I wanted to do IT coming into this program but now that I have been through this program I’m thinking more of going into computer engineering So I see myself more as a facilitator than an instructor I don’t have all the knowledge but together I work with students to help them achieve things that they didn’t think were possible

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