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Hey Katy Cats, I’m so excited that Draw
My Life have asked to me to share part of me with you and letting me draw my life. I’m
wide awake and ready to roar so let’s go! This is how we do, do, do-do-do-do. Yeah, I’m an original California girl. I
was born on October 25th 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. My real name is actually Katherine
Elizabeth Hudson; I took my mother’s maiden name ‘Perry’ as my stage name when I was
almost famous so people didn’t confuse me with the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress,
Kate Hudson. Like I’d ever have a whirlwind romance that wouldn’t last! Awkward… My mom, Mary Perry, and my dad, Maurice Hudson,
are Pentecostal pastors. They were travelling ministers and, growing up, me, my sister and
my younger brother would travel around with them while they preached. That’s how I started
singing. I used to sing gospel hymns at their sermons. They were pretty strict parents.
My conservative upbringing meant that I was only allowed to listen to gospel music; I
had to sneak pop CDs into my house through friends at school. I couldn’t watch MTV
and the only albums I could have were the soundtracks to Sister Act 1 and 2. For my thirteenth birthday, I got a guitar
and started learning how to play. My teenage dream was to be a professional singer. By
the time I was fifteen, I knew music was the career for me. I got my GED and dropped out
of high school. I went to Nashville and started recording a gospel album. My debut album,
titled Katy Hudson, was released in 2001. It sold a grand total of 200 copies before
the record label went bankrupt. Whoops! Still, the album is now a collector’s item amongst
my fans. When I was seventeen, I made the move to pop
and to LA to start recording more modern songs. Before I made it big, I was a backing singer
on Mick Jagger’s 2004 record Old Habits Die Hard but old rockstars don’t. You go,
Mick Jagger! In 2008, I released my first pop album; it
was called One of the Boys even though its lead single was I Kissed a Girl. That was
my first number one single. My next album was Teenage Dream and the five tracks on that
record went to number one. I was the first female artist to achieve that milestone and
only the second ever, after the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Shamone! Ironically, for a cat person like me, I had
a huge hit duetting with Snoop Dogg on California Gurls. When it comes to my personal life,
things get a little hot and cold. First, Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy had me
in a cupid’s chokehold but, in 2009, I filmed a cameo for the movie Get Him to the Greek
where I met smooth-talking, extra-terrestrial Russell Brand. Then, I met him again when
I was performing at the VMA’s when he was the host. I threw a water bottle at his head
from across the room at rehearsals to get his attention; it was a sign of things to
come. We got married in October 2010 in a Hindi ceremony in India but just over a year
later, we split. He told me he wanted a divorce by text message! Unbelievable. Coming from
a man with a case of verbal diarrhea. Then, I started dating John Mayer but that
led to some bad blood with another female popstar. I knew she was trouble but I’m
not worried; there’s nothing in her brain other than blank space. Still, in between
all of this, I found time to write songs for Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson
and played Smurfette in The Smurfs movie. In 2015, with the help of Lenny Kravitz and
Missy Elliott, I rocked the Super Bowl half-time show. 118 million people in the USA alone
tuned in to see me crush it. That was more people than watched the actual game and the
highest Super Bowl audience ever. I have seven tattoos, my purr-fect fragrances are called
Purr and Meow and I have a cat of my own called Kitty Purry. I officially have the most Twitter
followers in the world; there are 71 million Katy Cats out there following me. That’s
more followers than second place Justin Bieber, who has 64 million, more than Obama in third,
who has 60 and way more than Taylor Swift in fourth. Shake that off, girlfriend! That
was Draw My Life. Thanks so much for watching, guys, and don’t forget to subscribe for
more videos. Oh, and check out our other videos like this one on Channing Tatum.


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