Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Palette 2…Is It Really THAT Pigmented? ?| Primetime Beauty

hi beauties welcome back to my channel if you’re new welcome make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss the videos like this one today I’m going to be talking about the new Juvia’s place palette it is the Saharan blush volume 2 so if you want to see some swatches and how it looks on my skin then keep watching so I’m not going to keep you waiting this is how the palette looks I’m going to show a close-up in a few this is what the inside looks like it’s so pretty so I’m just going to let you guys know the details before I get into the good stuff I got this for $18 I ordered it on I think I ordered it on a Saturday and it came on came on a Wednesday I have heard that their shipping is pretty fast and people have gotten it in 2 days so I’m just going to get into these swatches and then I’m going to do a close-up on the swatches and of the palette hoping these blushes are as pigmented as their eyeshadow palettes the first color I’m going to swatch is calling Yara that’s pretty next one is called Sola the next one is called toe tau it’s T-A-U tau we’re gonna go with tau for those wondering how the hell I got toe out of T-A-U, Taupe is spell T-A-U-P-E so it just makes sense to me but the next color is called Bee next one is called Zoba these are some real tribal names here…I like it that one is more of like a light pink although it does look a little ashy on camera, it’s more of a highlighter the next color is called Lena oh my god I wish I got the other palette it was sold out when I bought it these are so pigmented and they’re really pretty y’all I’m gonna have to go back and order the first palette because these are bomb these are so bomb I’m just going to go ahead and do a close-up of the palette so here’s the inside here is my arm now for the fun part I’m just going to put some of these on my face I think I’m going to use hmm I think I’m going to use Yara I’m going to use this one and then as a highlighter I’m going to use Zola I’m going to start with Tau oh my god that is such a pretty natural color like this one gives you just like a nice glow of course I have to blend it next is the color beat after that I’m going to apply Soba that light pink highlighter well this one is definitely it has a bit of a gold tone to it it’s like a pinky gold so this is how my cheeks look first I was pretty light handed and went the natural way as you can see they’re super pigmented so if you wanted to do something else with them like use them as my shadows or if you just want a more pigmented type of flush these you need to go ahead and grab this palette I feel like this palette is really good if you have a deeper skin tone because as you can see it show up they don’t look ashy and pretty much all the colors you can wear I know it doesn’t seem like that on my arm let me blend for a few minutes so you can see how they would look as a more muted type of blush… yeah you could pretty much get a more natural finish if you wanted to this is pretty much how I would wear I’m not sure about you guys but yeah I like a more natural type of blush I’m going to leave a link to this palette in the description if you guys want to buy it make sure you check that out if you like this palette give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you in my next video


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