JJC’s Interior Design Program

Our program is for everybody that dreams
about creating interesting, functional and beautiful spaces! The beauty of the
interior design program is that you get to interact with a ton of different
students of all ages. I chose JJC’s interior design program because
it’s certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. We have learned things such
as floor planning, furniture planning, color, lighting, everything we need to
know to prepare for the future. We do internships here too. So I got to work
for a big firm in Chicago, so that’s really prepared me in that way and again
working with professionals. They’re very helpful, all the teachers over here, and
they will help you accomplish your goals. The teachers are great, the students are
also. Everyone has a great time together and collaborating. Oksana Alfredson, who is our professor, always strives to make us do something more creative, more outside the box and to find our inner
artist within ourselves. If I could do it all again, I would, in a heartbeat. It’s a
really great program.

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