Jimmy Fallon Reminisces on Pitching an SNL Sketch to Mick Jagger

-How are you, my friend? -This feels — It feels great. -This is very —
It’s surreal to introduce you. -I don’t know how to sit. -We’ve known each other —
Right, you don’t know. -I don’t know this side.
Yeah, exactly. We probably have more
in common than two — than any other human beings
on the face of the Earth. -Yeah. -We both were on
“Saturday Night Live.” -Yep. -We both did Weekend Update.
-We did. -We both hosted “Late Night.”
-Yeah. -We both have two babies.
-We both have two babies. [ Cheers and applause ] -We are mirror —
-We are mirror images. But I want to say
that introducing you is such a nice thing for me
to be able to do because you introduced me
the very first time I did Weekend Update
when you were hosting. -That’s right. -This is 2001 — this was like
October probably of 2001. And we have the clip because
you and I look different. -Oh, no.
[ Laughter ] -This is just Jimmy
introducing me in 2001. -What does my hair look like?
Oh, no. -Well, a tough night
for the New York Yankees. They lost to Arizona, 15-2.
[ Audience awws ] The series is tied at
three games apiece. Here with the commentary
is our own Seth Meyers. -Thanks, Jimmy. [ Cheers and applause ] -I think we look exactly
the same. -We look exactly —
-Exactly. What was I doing with that? I was in — I felt like I was
in a caveman phase. -Also, our suits were worse. -I never owned a suit
before Weekend Update. -That was the first time
you ever had a jacket? -Yeah, it really was. Lorne was like, “You need a suit
and tie for Update.” I was like, “I don’t know what
that means. A clip-on?
Can I use a clip-on?” I mean, so many good memories. -Do you miss it?
Do you still miss “SNL”? I know now you’re kind of
two shows past it ’cause “Late Night,” now you’re
doing “The Tonight Show.” -Yeah. I do — Every now and
then you miss the excitement of the feeling of
the last-minute sketch that you don’t know it’s going
to get written or whatever. Do you remember
when Mick Jagger hosted? -I do. -We were all nervous
because it was like Lorne said, “Mick said he’ll do something.”
-Yeah. -And I go, “Okay.” And everyone is just
afraid of Mick Jagger, so no one pitched him anything. And I’m like, “We should pitch
him an idea.” So I go,
“I’ll pitch him something.” I go, “What if I’m
his reflection in the mirror?” And I’m like… [ Speaking gibberish
as Mick Jagger ] And Lorne goes,
“Please don’t do that.” [ Laughter ] “Don’t do that.
It’s insulting to Mick. And the bit has been done
in the mirror. Groucho Marx did it.
Lucille Ball did it. You’re not gonna
break any ground with this.” I go, “Okay, that’s fine.
I’ll come up with an idea.” So I go and write the sketch, and then they go, “You have to
go pitch it to Mick.” I go, “I don’t want to
talk to Mick.” I mean, he’s –
It’s Mick Jagger. So I went in,
and he’s so cool-looking. It’s Mick Jagger. And he’s like, “Lovely to meet
you, hello.” And I go, “I have ideas.
My name is Jimmy Fallon.” I pitched him my idea. I go, “It’s me and you
working at a mall.” He goes, “No.
I don’t like that.” [ Laughter ] I go, “Oh, okay. Here’s one where we’re
the Rolling Stones, but we’re like a wedding band
Rolling Stones.” “Uh, no, not really my thing.”
[ Laughter ] I go, “How about an idea of –”
He doesn’t like anything. So I leave. I go, “He doesn’t
like anything.” So then it’s Friday, which usually the sketches have
to be written on Tuesday. It’s Friday and Lorne goes, “Mick’s still up to do something
if you have any more ideas.” I go, “Okay.” So I came up with ideas.
I went back and he looks at me. He’s like, “You again.”
And I go, “Hi. I have an idea. Maybe I’m —
you’re Keith and I’m Keith and he’s cloned himself
so he can party with himself.” He goes,
“No, I don’t like that.” I go, “Oh, my gosh.” So I go, “What if it’s you — you’re hosting the show and I’m
your reflection in the mirror. And I’m going like that…” And he goes,
“I love it! That’s great.” Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughter ] Dude, good news is — -And it’s very —
it’s a very iconic sketch. There it is.
Look at you guys. [ Cheers and applause ] -Good news is, he loves it. Bad news is
it’s the mirror sketch. -And you had to go tell Lorne. You had to give him
the bad news. -Of course.
Yeah, the bad. I go, “He wants to do it,
but it’s the mirror sketch.” -You — I mean, it was
my first year. You’d had been on the show
a few years. I remember you, Horatio were very nice to me
in the early days. And I remember thinking, “Oh,
if I hang out with those guys, I’m going to meet famous people. I’ll go out drinking with
famous people.” And I would say the one — the
person we went out drinking with who was the most fun was famous,
but not the kind of like — I was hoping to meet
Hollywood starlets. -Yeah. -And instead, we went out
drinking with David Wells. [ Laughter ] -Yes. That is true.
-Yeah. -Yeah, no, Wellsy —
yes, the great pitcher for the New York Yankees. -Yeah. -In fact,
do you remember the story? -Which one?
-The one. The one and only. -Which was the one? -The one and only is this one. I know,
we had a lot of good ones. But he’s a great guy. No, this is — gosh, we can’t do
this anymore. But we were at
the “SNL” after party with you, Horatio,
Lorne, and David Wells. And it’s probably 5:30
in the morning. -Yeah. -And I’m — I go, “I’ve got to
go home, man. I’m just exhausted, man.” We had a few drinks. [ Laughter ] 5:30 in the morning. Or Lorne left at like 4:00 or
something like that, but then we stayed until 5:30,
I want to say, 5:00. I left and went home. Woke up the next day around 1:30
in the afternoon. I turn on the TV
and it’s the Yankees game, and David Wells is pitching. [ Laughter ] -So I go, “It’s got to be one of
those classic games.” -Yes, classic. -Yes, classic,
where they replay the game. I go, “That’s pretty funny
’cause I was just with him.” And it’s not, it’s a real game.
-Yeah. -So I call up Horatio. I go, “Dude –” and I wake him
up at 2:00 in the afternoon. I go, “Dude, turn on channel 11. The Yank– David Wells is
pitching right now. He’s like, “Wells?
There’s no way.” I go, “I know. He goes, “We left him.
It was 5:30.” I go, “I know, dude.” And he turned it on.
It was pitching. And that was the game he pitched
the perfect game. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s insane! It’s because of me
he was that calm! He owes me everything.

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