Jedi Holocron & Gonk Droid Tutorial | Let’s Draw Star Wars

[BEEPING NOISES] [MUSIC PLAYING] – Hello, everyone, and welcome
to “Let’s Draw Star Wars,” the show where we,
the art troopers, teach you how to draw
everything Star Wars. I’m Art Trooper Adam. And here to help me today is
our trusty art droid, R3 A3. Say hi, R3. [ROBOT NOISES] R3 is a talented artist,
and a skilled crafts maker. He’s also going to be following
along with me as I draw, just like you can at home. Now, since many of us
here are beginners, we’re going to start off
with something really simple. One of the beautiful things
about the Star Wars universe is that so many
props, characters, and ships were designed
around basic, simple shapes. And one of the Jedi-like powers
to becoming a better artist is learning how to see
the world around you a little different than most. Training yourself to
find and see the basic shapes in everyday things. [ROBOT NOISES] It’s OK, buddy. You may not be a
Jedi-like artist just yet, but with practice,
I guarantee you’ll see yourself getting better. We’re going to start simple. And today, we’re going to
learn how to draw cubes. Now, when I think
of cubes, or boxes in the Star Wars universe,
so many things come to mind. But one of the purest forms
of a cube I can think of is in the shape of
a Jedi holocron. Holocrons are ancient sources
of knowledge and wisdom that can only be accessed by
those skilled in the force. Jedi use them to record and
preserve their teachings. All right, so I’ve got
my pad of paper here. I’m going to be starting off
everything with a blue pencil, and then I’m going to go in
with the black marker, and kind of like fill in the details. I just so happen to have
here a Jedi holocron. It’s a perfect square when
you look at it straight on, and it’s a perfect square when
you look at it from the top. So we’re going to start off by
just drawing a perfect square, and we’re going to draw another
square the same shape and size, but just offset. And now that we
have the backside, we’re going to draw
in the other sides. I’m just going to connect
these two corners, and I’ll connect
these two corners. And already, it kind of
looks like an ice cube that you can kind
of see through. Well, now that we’ve
learned the basics of drawing 3D cubes,
what do you say we learn to draw our first droid? [ROBOT NOISES] Sorry, buddy. I’m sure you’d
make a great model. But I don’t think we’re ready
to draw a droid as complex, and charming, as you know. [ROBOT NOISES] I’m thinking a cute
little gonk droid. Essentially just
walking batteries, gonk droids wobble
around recharging vehicles and machinery. Gonk droids are common
sights throughout the galaxy and are barely noticed,
despite the critical importance to both military
and civilian life. Sorry we got a little
gonk droid here. As you can see, he’s made
up basically of 3D cubes. So I’m going to draw the
front first, by drawing a kind of tall rectangle. Now, just like the
cube, I’m going to draw the back
face of our gonk droid the same way that we did
with an overlapping rectangle. We’ll connect the
corners just like we did. That kind of looks
like a giant ice cube. Now, around the
center of the gonk droid is sort of a–
almost like a belt. And then a gonk droid
has two little feet. So this is the bottom plane. And we’re kind of like seeing
into the gonk droid here. And I’m just drawing
these to sort of help me know where to
put my marks, when I switch to my black marker. So, I’m just going to
draw two little legs. And the gonk droid
really boxy shoes. So just like our
cubes, again, I’m going to draw front
face of our shoes, and then a back
face to our shoes. Connect the corners. And I’m going to cut
that down the center. And then the front
of the gonk droid is tapered in just a little bit. It’s not a perfect right
angles on the side. So I’m just going to kind of
go up here on this front face, and just draw the
sort of tapering in of the gonk droid’s boxy shape. – Gonk. – In this plane. I’ll draw in on the back side. I think that’s enough sort of
under drawing for us to switch over to our black marker. So I’m going to
go in and kind of thicken up this sort of
center bit of our gonk droid. – Gonk. – And draw the little legs. I’m just going to
put some ribs here. These gonk droids
have little rib legs. They sometimes have
two toes, and then using our under drawing I’m
going to draw the bottom of the foot back and up. And then cut across that. Another way, I have his feet in. Let’s go in and put in his face. Have gone through its face, and
it’s a collection of sensors. They’re kind of in
a little recessed, square rectangle
that’s on the front. So give him maybe an eye,
maybe a smell sensor, a voice box that he can gonk out of. – Gonk. – I’ll just put a couple of
[INAUDIBLE] and [INAUDIBLE] to see the world around him. Maybe even put some
holes here on the side. These might be the power
ports that you plug into. And I think I’m going to
call that one finished. This is my little gonk droid. – Gonk. [ROBOT NOISES] – OK, everyone. R3 has finished his drawing. Who wants to see what he drew? [ROBOT NOISES] Check that out. [ROBOT NOISES] You skipped ahead. You’re using some
advanced techniques here. What are those, Mynock wings
coming out of his head? He’s burninating the what? [ROBOT NOISES] The dark side? And that’s it for
today’s lesson. Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments. For more “Let’s Draw,” check
out or Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. [ROBOT NOISES] Thanks for watching. I’m Adam, this is R3. And may the force be with you. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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