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The new designer hotels have the wind in their sales in Brussels! It’s a new trend among young cosmopolitan clientele who are fed up with the classic hotel concept of luxury hotels They prefer city trips in European cities: staying at designer hotels! In this respect, Brussels has always been avant-garde, and again with a hotspot that everyone is flocking to: The Jam Hotel. In the hills of Saint-Gilles, in the middle of Brussels, steps away from the famous Avenue Louise, a new fashionable hotel opened its doors during the summer of 2016 with its airs of an updated youth hostel and its anti-consumerist feel and a its clientele of 30-something Brussels jet-setters and instagrammers who visit frequently. The concept of the hotel in general is to unite both tourists and business clients… And if you talk about the concept as a structure, it’s putting in what we love, a mix of Brussels art and Belgian interior design in a unique place which is this hotel. The objective: discover Belgian art, since it was a Belgian artist and an interior architect who oversaw the décor for the ensemble of this star hotel. The Jam Hotel decor made of raw concrete and light wood, was staged by a rising star of the Belgian design, Lionel Jadot. The inspiration for this building built in the 1970s, a former school of art that has been completely renovated, but that the decorator discovered completely empty ? The Dadaist Merzbau by Kurt Schwitters, – a construction made and decorated with found objects – according to some… But above all the spaces inspired the day to day transformations, and energy which emerged from it … It’s Lionel Jadot who decorated, we gave him total freedom in his creativity… He arrived with his ideas. One day, he wanted to put wood, and concrete. We stripped it down to the bare walls. So, it was just bare walls and there was this energy felt and he created what you see in the lobby, bar, and the restaurant obviously. In the lobby, here is a motorcycle entirely made of concrete, by Lionel Jadot. He transforms the recovered objects, upcycling, it’s the art of living, he offers a work that arouses the interest of the guests, it’s among other cubist sculptures by different artists… Hidden behind a first bar with a cafeteria feel, the restaurant is equally surprising. For the décor, it’s warm colours and lights creating the contrast in the middle of furniture that looks like it’s made of cardboard. Here, the menu is Italian inspired, under the guidance of chef Vincenzo Marino. Lots of antipasti created in this open kitchen that should delight amateurs… As for the 78 rooms, each was built in the same way. They blend a unique and functional aspect, some even have bunk beds! We note the use of sheepskin used in different parts of the hotel. There’s also a bar on the top floor of the hotel! Warm and cosy, it favours relaxation for last calls or during one of the many after-work events organised by the hotel, and where all the hipsters and fashionistas of the capital flock… The strong point of the Jam Hotel? It’s rooftop! A terrace with an incredible view over the city, to catch a few rays or a gentle breeze, in summer just as in winter, and a heated pool to relax no matter the temperature outside. We tried to use the space and we had a platform, we said what we’re going to do is make this place where people can sun tan, but people aren’t all that convinced about coming into the city. As a human being, we’re attracted to bodies of water and we said why not make a body of water and that’s where the pool comes from. It’s more than a big pool where we can relax with a temperature of 28 degrees all year around, more than a large Olympic pool obviously, and children swim here. All the plants are organic, they haven’t been treated. There has to be a balance. So when we come here, we really weren’t surprised: we started seeing bees, and butterflies; it’s a really interesting eco system. In addition to its design the hotel wants to be cool and it succeeded the proof in images with its game room arcade and board game enthusiasts will find their happiness not forgetting the availability to borrow skateboards and bikes to check out the many neighborhoods of the city.

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