I’ve got stubborn pigment. Is Biologi the answer?

– Biologi’s definitely
the perfect serum to use if you’ve got pigmentation. So with pigmented skin, you
definitely wanna look at using the Bd serum and the Bk serum, and you use them in conjunction together, so one in the morning, and one at night. Both the Bd and the Bk serum
actually have phytoactives within them that stop melanogenesis, which is the formation of pigment, so they’ll actually help to stop your skin from producing more pigment,
and they do this because of very, very strong antioxidant
and anti-inflammatories. So when we’ve got a pigmented
skin, what we’ll find is there’s a lot of inflammation in the skin, so if we use something
that’s anti-inflammatory, we take that away, and it
actually stops the skin from producing new pigment. The other thing that
these two serums will do is actually help to lighten and break up the pigment that’s already there, so it’s a two-pronged approach: we’re stopping new pigment from forming, and also helping to remove the
pigment that’s already there.

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