Is This A Vlog?! Drawing in Art Gallery of Ontario

today is Monday it’s finally snowing heavily here in Toronto I took the wrong train, but that’s okay
because I get to see a random stranger dancing I’m just on my way to an art supply store to get some new art goodies new art goodies I picked up are two holes pencil sharpener blending stump or blending tortillon PanPastel knives and covers PanPastel shades Clear Gesso and Stillman & Birn Beta series wire-bond sketchbook the page is 270gsm damn she’s thick and smells good ok kkkk let me try out these new goodies I also just got these Winsor & Newton charcoal pencils couple days ago with these sponge covered pallet knives
it feels like I’m painting and not drawing Hmmm not too bad It’s Tuesday I’m going to study Peter Paul Rubens’ paintings today but there’s a life model drawing going on I can’t miss that because it’s free I will come back for Rubens painting study again tomorrow tonight I’m just going to have a quick drawing study with some
leftover memories from the daytime and photos I took after the base drawing is done I apply gesso to protect the surface from wet paints I’m going to apply in the near
future the transparent gesso works wonders I tested it both on cheap Dollarama wood panel and on paper and you can see the gesso goes transparent as it
dries I usually do three layers of gesso three is a good number Alright today is Wednesday I’m going to draw a whole day today and I’m excited I took a very close look to each paintings again and a study drawing of the angel from the original Rubens’ painting “The Annunciation” and torso drawing study of a guy throwing a baby from the masterpiece “The Massacre of The Innocents” a truly horrible horrible scene and Bernini’s sculpture “Bust of Pope Gregory XV” I’m hungry I need some tasty Chinese
food back to the Pope and I joined the live model session again because it’s free duh and I need more more more practice back home, drawing continues the angellooks pretty good no need to do more corrections the drawing base is done apply the gesso de transparent Now, the Pope drawing needs a lot of work so Bernini’s approach to portraiture was unique in several respects
unlike other artists of his time that relied primary on subjects sittings an approach that often produced stiff and overly formal results Bernini preferred to observe his
subjects in their daily work and activities over a period of time making numerous sketches that captured their features characteristic poses and natural expressions the Pope’s head is bowed as if weighted down by his cope symbolic of the weight and responsibility of his office and perhaps his age his eyes are raised creating soft wrinkles across his
forehead his gaze is steady and far-reaching focused beyond the viewer toward eternity and that’s what I want to capture as well so you see I spent a
long time correcting and try to convey this gaze Bernini did this sculpture
when he’s only 24 years old it’s brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant it’s already 2:26 in the morning and I’ve been drawing whole day I’m really tired I need to come back with a pair of fresh eyes okay good morning guys so so actually I think I’ve got to gaze I’m going to draw a little bit of the cope to show the power and wealth of his Catholic Church so these are what I did in the live
model sessions four minutes and this one probably a bit longer can’t remember
probably like 10 minutes immediately you notice, this one is much darker because the first time I was there I used the pencils they provided which is 4B it’s relatively a darker color but on this mid-tone paper it’s not as dark as I would like it to be so second time I use my own charcoal
pencil and this is what I did for about 17 18 minutes before the model came I was waiting there one of the still-life displays over
there it’s a bowl of fruits emm, these are probably a little bit out of order just a little bit ok so this is a very short post cause I didn’t get to do the
shadings and stuff but I like the perspective I did it’s pretty accurate probably like two minutes I think here I decided zoom in to a certain part of the scene and yeah this one is he on the back this post also wasn’t very long
probably around two minutes it’s alright okay so this pose I started to
realize something like I’m not happy with the result I get,
I think I shade too much on the skin so.. let’s see yes, I do realize that I’m shading like when I when I try to show the illusion
of three-dimensional quality of the human structure or facial structure or
the human body whatever it inevitably became so dark and I think that is because the background is rather white also this paper for some reason it’s also a lot brighter than the other newsprints as you can see the next one I started to
shade the background too so the skin or the face the body the shades on
there would not appear as dark will appear more normal because you know color and bright and shadow it’s all relative to eachother and that’s this one is umm, a decent amount of time, I quite like this one actually and then I started to realize something again my portrayal of his face
is not too accurate I then realize that I often get busy
with the whole thing and I’m just going all over the place and doing quick cover overs but also my eyes are all over the place I really need to focus on certain areas and they try to get it right because when you’re all over the place and then just try to rush it in the proportion will
inevitably off a little bit the proportion for me is kind of okay it’s
more of the light and shadow areas like some places I go way too dark some
places it’s not bright enough so the value is not that accurate for me in my case and here so I try to adjust after I realize that and I started to focus more on certain areas then try to cover the whole composition so here you see I try to show the light and shadow like the contrast also I’m still experimenting and it works definitely like after I darken this part of the
face will not appear as dark whereas if there was no such shading, quick background shading here the face will appear too dark* this is the last one I did and also the one that I’m most pleased with because I was able.. first of all the model did a great job and I think he stayed a bit longer in this one as well but, and this is the one of the biggest lessons or the thing I realized through
these two live model drawing sessions is you need to slow down okay I was just
rushing over the places and once I just slow down my pace like you don’t have to get everything it’s not a competition you
need to do the areas do the areas you decide to do and make them accurate okay so here I focused on the hair and face and the drapery
when I focus on one area I make sure they are accurate I will not rush over and just make emm…
it’s kind of okay or I will leave it like I will take the mistakes no, I try to at least try to get the values right the proportions right so I think this one is
the one that’s most alike the model I think I did a much better light and shadow rendering than all the other ones too so slow down okay so that’s it for this week’s video happy drawing and painting give your all to what you are passionate about you have to spend time to develop what you want to improve subscribe if you want join my art journey I try to make an upload everyweek thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video bye le ge bye


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