iPhone designs of the past decade (2010-2020) – Which iPhone is best?

ah hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
an iPhone has been out for almost 13 years at this point or at least 12 years
and there have been a lot of design changes over the years sometimes
dramatically sometimes not so much depending on the year but I thought we’d
talk about what the design changes were how they’ve changed over the years and
then also which one is your favorite and which one’s my favorite so we’ll start
with the original iPhone since these aren’t in the past decade but the
original iPhone had a nice aluminum feel to it with plastic on the bottom for the
antennas this was a phone that I used for quite some time I really liked it
but then we switched to the plastic design with the 3G and the 3GS now some
people I know really liked this design but I thought it felt much cheaper than
the original iPhone despite its better features it did get
better reception due to the plastic but these were previous generation phones or
previous decade phones when we’re talking about 2010 to 2020 and so with
2010 came the iPhone 4 it was leaked quite a bit before it was released but
the iPhone 4 is my personal favorite design of all time now this varies of
course based on when you started using iPhone or some other people like the
next version of phone more but the 4 and 4s were introduced in 2010 and 2011 and
really up to the game as far as overall feel design and construction of a phone
at this point we have stainless steel around the outside band we have glass
front and back and we have a 3.5 inch display it’s still pretty small compared
to today’s phones but it held up well and it felt very very durable
we had the 30 pin adapter here in the bottom and overall this was one of my
favorite phones to use it just feels very solid despite the many antenna
issues it had when it first came out now many people’s favorite design is the
iPhone 5 and 5s and this continues to be the favorite of most people to this day
when I run a poll on Twitter or places like that where people say which phone
design is their favorite it brought an aluminum design with glass in the back
on the top and bottom for the antennas and then aluminum all the way around
it’s just one solid piece and then a 4 inch display that got a little bit
bigger and this brought lightning as well
so this was the switch from the 30-pin adapter of the iPods over to lightning
which allowed for thinner phones but also allowed for different designs and
other things inside the phone and so this was the favorite of many it was
introduced in 2012 and for 2013 they didn’t do a whole lot other than up the
processor speed and introduced touch ID so that’s why I included this one and
along with 2012-2013 rather 5s and 5c were introduced and a lot of people have
fond memories of 5c this is sort of a budget phone at the time it’s not really
cheap or it wasn’t cheap but it was the less expensive iPhone sort of like the
iPhone XR today it came in a bunch of colors and
just has an all plastic outside frame and then inside there’s a little bit of
aluminum for reinforcement but again they had the same thing as the iPhone 5s
– touch ID so it’s a really nice phone a lot of people really liked it then we
moved on to something a little bit more radical in 2014 a larger phone they also
introduced a larger size similar to this one I’ll talk about that in a moment but
this was an aluminum design curved edges much like we see today and this also had
touch ID but a much larger display so we have all the same things that were
introduced before but of a larger display and this is when we had issues
with the phone bending so a lot of people were making videos about bending
these I never had an issue this is the original one I had never been or
anything like that now they also introduced a larger phone
at the same time the six plus and this is a 6s plus which just brought us a
bigger display so we started with the 5.5 inch displays all the way to 6.5 it
was really nice to have much larger displays on phones so it gave us a
bigger display and a bigger battery as well no I did not have a 7 handy it was
actually in use but the 7 all the 7 did was take away the headphone jack so I
didn’t really want to include that that’s not a fond memory for me I still
missed the headphone bent jack and then they also made it so the home button
doesn’t press anymore so in between the time of the 7 they introduced the iPhone
se brought back this design with some better specs as the 6s specs in it and
it’s just a better phone overall compared to the 5s but then they perfect
the original design from the six with the eight and the eight gave us aluminum
again but glass front and back and the back glass allows us to wirelessly
charge it so again we don’t have that home we don’t have the headphone jack
and we also have a home button that doesn’t move so we have some water
protection and everything else so many people consider the iPhone 8 and 8 plus
to be the best overall design since the six that kind of perfected everything
and really made it just a perfection of the home button designed phone also in
the same year as the iPhone 8 and 8 plus which was 2017 we saw the new design the
iPhone X so we skipped the iPhone 9 some people think that will come this
year but they skipped the iPhone 9 and brought out the X with its new overall
design and brought back the stainless steel construction so I know a lot of
people really love this phone and consider it the best one they brought in
two cameras but place them vertically instead of horizontally and glass front
and back with that design around the edge and this just feels like a very
premium device it also introduced the notch and face ID so we’ve got a much
bigger edge to edge display and a lot of people really liked that then the
following year or last year while two years ago now 2018 we received a minor
update to the iPhone X with the XS Max a little bit larger size but also a X
asked that’s basically the same with a little bit faster processor and also the
XR this was the best seller and still is to this day and a lot of people
like this but it brought back a Lumina Mon the outside edge and instead of
having an OLED display it has an LCD display so it’s basically the same it’s
in between the size of the X and XS max or the XS and it’s really the
perfect phone for most people apparently based on its price and what it’s selling
like and then this year or last year now Apple introduced the iPhone 11 11 Pro
and 11 Pro max and really all that did was bring in much larger batteries bring
in a matte back change where the Apple logo is placed and bring a triple camera
setup so we have all of those things with a speedier process
sir and a little bit nicer display that’s a little bit brighter and more
vibrant so that’s all for these there’s a lot of small changes over the years
little incremental changes some people like a lot of the designs some people
don’t like them at all some people don’t like the notch the notches really never
bothered me but some people really don’t like it but either way there is an
iPhone for you over the years and I would love to hear which one was your
favorite and why like I said I liked the 4 4s and the 5 these are probably my
favorite of all time and I would love to see either one of these revived in the
iPhone 12 but let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below I’ll
also link a wallpaper for you in the description as I always do and if you
haven’t subscribed or any please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
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