Introducing the Elcometer 480 Single, Dual and Triple Angle Glossmeter

Introducing the Elcometer 480 Single, Dual & Triple Angle Glossmeters Memory: Store 40,000 date and time stamped readings in up to 2,500 alpha numeric batches. USB & Bluetooth Data Output: Transfer readings to PC, iPhone or Android mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth, for instant reporting using ElcoMaster software. Wrist Harness Point: Prevent gauge damage. Battery Door Release: Two AA batteries provide over 50,000 readings. Rechargeable batteries can also be used. Menu Soft Keys: Intuitive soft-key navigation menus, in over 30 languages. Integrated Calibration Tile: Each gloss tile comes with automatic tile recognition (RFID) for automatic calibration and gauge diagnostics. Scratch and Solvent Resistant Colour Display: Scratch and solvent resistant colour LCD displays readings and graphs. Red and Green LED: Bright dual red and green LED highlights when a reading is within or outside pass / fail limits. Ambient Light Sensor: Internal ambient light detector ensures screen visibility even in bright sunlight. Central Measurement Point: Visible markings on each gauge ensure precise positioning, every time. Gauge Optics: The Elcometer 480 accurately and repeatedly measures 20, 60 & 85° Gloss, % Reflectance and Haze. 3 readings per second for all angles in standard mode. 10 readings per second for all angles in scan mode. Calibration Serial Number: Serial number and gloss values are printed on the rear of the holder – no need to remove the gauge from the tile. Robust: Designed for use in harsh environments. The Elcometer 480: setting the benchmark for hand-held gloss measurement.

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