Interior Design + Kitchen and Bath Design

Interior designers are really involved
in the planning of all the environments that we inhabit. I think that designers
have a great ability to make a positive impact on the lives of people. From
creating healthcare environments that promote healing to creating office
spaces that increase productivity to creating homes that are functional and
meet the needs of the people that are living in the homes. What I like most about it is that it’s really hands-on. You really learn your profession. So students with a two-year interior design degree, they can begin working
after they complete the degree – working in residential design firms, small
commercial design firms, or small architectural firms. In the Interior
Design program, we also have a kitchen and bath certificate that students can
work on. Most of our students will work towards the interior design degree, and
then they’ll also get this certificate. What that helps them do, especially
students that are going into residential design, is that that gives them the
professional training that they need to design kitchens and baths. With STLCC’s
program, one thing that sets us apart is our instructors are certified
professional interior designers, so we have practiced in the field for years
and we are able to share our experiences in the classroom. My favorite thing about
this program is definitely how much all the professors care about your success
and also all the different projects that we get to do. Any kind of question, any
kind of help student need, you can find it in this area from your professor. They
are very knowledgeable about the program, they are very professional, and you will
get all type of support you need. We work collaboratively with community partners, and we also work collaboratively within the classroom environment with faculty and other
students, and that collaborative approach that we take with our curriculum, makes
them prepared to become professional interior designers because that’s what
we do. As interior designers, we surely do not work alone. We work with all kinds of
different aspects of the building industry. Everyone works together. We’re a
big family and we help each other out. It is very informational and really
supplies the information that you, you need for the industry. We start off our
students in fine art foundation courses. We also teach them the technical skills
that they need to actually produce the drawings, and then we also work with our
students to make sure that they are developing plans that function well, so
really focusing on space-planning, and then developing the oral communication and the visual skills to help sell their designs.

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