Inside BELLA+CANVAS’ Eco-Friendly Clothing Production

Hey guys it’s Megan from Bella+Canvas
and we’re gonna give you a closer look at our eco practices from the food you
eat to the cars you drive to the clothes you buy people like you are becoming
more and more conscious of the way your purchase decisions impact this earth
consumers want to align themselves with companies that share their ideals and
values which is why more and more people are choosing Bella+Canvas from the
beginning manufacturing in a sustainable way has always been important to us so
in today’s video we’re going to show you what we’re doing to reduce our
ecological footprint we do all of our dyeing right here in Los Angeles this is
the big deal because California has some of the strictest EPA regulations in the
world so we can ensure a much higher level of environmental compliance than
if the fabric was dyed in another country by using the most efficient
machines we’ve reduced our water usage by seven times we use three gallons of
water per pound of fabric whereas most clothing manufacturers use anywhere from
nine to twenty gallons of water the technology we use ensures a very low
level of dye per water ratio which is monitored through a digital computer
system when dye houses mix manually they’ll generally use extra dye which
causes inconsistency and wastefulness the dyes we use are also bluesign
certified which guarantees that they are eco-friendly by taking advantage of
technology we save about 24 million gallons of water a week the water is
recycled through an in-house filtration system and reused again rather than
being dumped into rivers or oceans we take every opportunity to reduce our
co2 emissions this means going green and saving energy in any way we can our
sewing and cutting facilities are run on solar power by this time next year we’ll
have a 450 thousand square foot solar farm to further our commitment to clean
energy we’ve added skylights to all of our buildings to rely more on natural
light and less an artificial we have motion sensored LED lighting that uses
nine times less energy than traditional lights
we also encourage employees to live green by offering electric hard charging
stations here at the office we recycle everything possible fabric plastics
bottles paper you name it all warehouse orders are processed digitally with a
minimal amount of waste we have a nearly paper free warehouse and everything that
cannot be made into a t-shirt is recycled the excess fabric is picked up
daily and repurposed into new products like pillow stuffing or dog bed filling
last but not least our tee’s are meant to be worn again and again tee’s made with
carded open end cotton are likely going to end up in a landfill but our garments
are high-quality and made with durability to withstand a long product
life cycle as technology advances so do our eco-friendly practices our goal is
to make the best tee’s around while advocating for transparency and putting
earth first we invite you to join our movement be different choose BELLA+CANVAS Be DIfferent


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