(upbeat music) – Hey, guys! Today, we’re going to be
doing a 24-hour challenge. – But this one is gonna
be REALLY different! – Yeah, we’re going to have
to draw what we want to eat for the whole entire day! – Eek. – We’re each going to
draw what we want to eat for that meal, every
single meal of the day. Also, our dad is going to draw something. – Yeah, and he might draw
something really, really gross. – [Dad] And I’m gonna make
sure that I’m gonna make this NOT very easy
(bell dings) for you, Evelyn, or you, Emily. – So, basically, what we’re gonna do, we’re each going to draw something. We have 30 seconds
each, and we’re going to make sure nobody is looking and put it face down on the counter. Then we’re each going to
pick something, and… I just really hope I don’t
get a pickle or something. – Or raw fish, or cottage cheese! – So it’s morning time
and we’re pretty hungry, so we’re going to have to draw
– Breakfast! – what we want to eat for breakfast and I have a bad feeling about this. I think our dad just gonna draw
the worst thing possible… – [Dad] Oh, no, no, no.
– But we’ll hope not. – I have something good in (mumbles). – Yeah (laughs). And also, we could also get our own thing, so that’s kind of good, because I’m going to be drawing good things
this whole challenge. Maybe a bad thing for her.
– [Dad] You ready? – Yeah, let’s go! Don’t draw anything gross. – You, too! – [Dad] I got the timer set.
– Okay! – [Dad] Try and cover up
your paper a little bit, so the person next to you can’t see. I mean, if they see a
little bit, it’s okay, but you still have to pick what it is. All right, you ready? – [Both Girls] Yeah!
– [Dad] Set, and… Go! (gentle music) – I’m done (laughing). – [Dad] Okay, time’s up! (girls laughing) Turn it over. – Don’t look. – [Dad] Okay, close your eyes. I’m gonna shuffle them up. So, who’s gonna pick first? – Me! – [Dad] Okay, go ahead Evelyn. – Uh… – [Dad] That one? (all laughing) – [Dad] Can you not see what it is? – I think I know what it is. – [Dad] So, what is it? – It’s so obvious! Baby food!
– What?! Why did you have to say it? – [Dad] (laughing) You gotta choose one. – That looks like a monkey with hair! – [Dad] It looks like a happy baby! – No, it looks like a mad baby, because it’s eating baby food. Who drew that?! – Not me! – [Dad] Aha, it was me! (girls whining) Stop making fun of my cute little baby. So, now we have to eat baby food. Well, actually, I don’t have to eat it. What did you guys go ahead and draw? – Oh, I drew this. It kind of looks weird, but
it’s pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and this is how happy I’ll
be if I get this meal, but I didn’t!
– [Dad] Ah. – I drew a donut! – I mean, this round… Baby food is nothing compared to these delicious meals we could have had. – [Dad] You’re right, but you
gotta have what you picked, so you’re both eating baby food! – Ew! – Let’s go to the store
and get some baby food. Okay guys, so we’re in
the baby food aisle, and I’m not getting formula,
because that can be very gross, but I’m gonna try to
find normal baby food. What’s these? They have yogurt blends for babies. Eight plus? I’m eight plus. – Apples, kale, and avocados. It’s not apples, kale, and avocados, it’s what comes out of a baby’s diaper. No way, I don’t want to eat what comes out of a baby’s diaper. I’m gonna get this. “Mixed berry, excellent source
of calcium, vitamin C and D.” – Okay, I’m gonna get this one, because I think it will
taste like apple sauce. Also, there’s two, just
in case one is not enough. It says “a sitter”, I can definitely sit. These are yogurt melts, peach. Guys, I actually really like these. I actually like them
and they’re baby food. It says for for crawlers,
I can definitely crawl and I’m over eight
months, so this is good. – I don’t think this is gonna be enough, so I’m also picking up this for breakfast. It’s Lil’s Crunchies mild cheddar. It’s basically Cheetos cheese
puffs, but just like, baby. – Eva, while we’re here,
you should get some diapers like this kid.
– No! – She’s getting diapers,
maybe you should, too. Hold you up for 12 hours. – That’s for you! – Okay, so we got out
nutritious, delicious breakfast. This is pretty much what
we’re having for breakfast, so let’s enjoy it.
– [Evelyn] Yeah. – Apple sauce. – [Evelyn] I didn’t realize- (stammers) I don’t remember how small these are. – [Dad] They’re not that
small, you’ve grown. – This is good. – [Dad] Actually, they’re
bit-sized for babies, they’re like the perfect size. The apple sauce is yummy. I could definitely down that apple sauce, no problem for a snack. – Yeah, just takes like apple sauce. – [Dad] Can I have one
of those, Evelyn, please? – Now this. – [Dad] That’s so good. – This is way too hard for babies to open. Okay, never mind. Mm, so good! – [Dad] Which one was that again? Oh yeah, the melts. – [Evelyn] Can I have one?
– Peach yogurt melts. – [Dad] Can I try one, please? – Yeah.
– Thanks. – Actually, you don’t get one, because you’re too- – [Dad] I know, I know, I know, but you know what? I’m getting even hungrier now. You didn’t like that one, Evelyn? Oh, you did.
(girls laughing) Does it melt in your mouth?
– Mhm. – [Dad] Yeah, it’s good for
babies, that’s really good. How is it? (giggling) – Gross. – You should have picked
the donut or the pancakes. It’s your fault we’re
eating this, anyways. – Well, it’s not my fault that I can’t see what’s on the other side of the paper! – Snack time!
– Yum! – [Dad] All right, you
guys a little bit hungry? – [Both Girls] Yeah! – [Dad] So the baby food
wasn’t enough, right? – It was kind of yummy,
I liked my peach thingys. – I liked my baby Cheetos. – [Dad] Yeah, they were
delicious, those were really good. Okay, so here’s your pencil and paper. Now remember-
– (mumbling) – [Dad] Now remember, this is snack. It’s not lunch, it’s not
breakfast, but it’s a snack. And I’m gonna set the
timer again for 30 seconds. Are you ready, guys? – [Both Girls] Yeah. – [Dad] Try to cover up. Okay, ready? One, two, three, let’s go! (gentle music) Time’s up! Okay guys, let’s shuffle. Okay, who’s picking this time? – Me! – [Dad] Okay Emily, they’re
all shuffled up, go ahead. – Mm, this one. Yes, I got my one! I got my one, I got Starbucks! This is a frappuccino and this
is a cake pop, by the way. My girl, it looks nothing like the logo- – [Dad] Yeah, but you know
what, I can tell what it is. Those cake pops are yummy. Evelyn- – I want a chocolate one! – [Dad] Aha, that was mine! – [Evelyn] Oh, your apple was the- – [Dad] Apple very, very healthy. Apples, strawberries, banana. – Those look more like antlers, but okay. – [Dad] I guess that’s a donut. – [Evelyn] An amazing donut! – [Dad] Again with the donut? – Yeah! I want my donut today, and
every time I don’t get my donut, I’m gonna draw it again!
(laughing) – I think they have donuts
Starbucks, though, so… – [Dad] Ah, that’s true.
– Yummy! – Let’s go to Starbucks. (upbeat music) – Okay guys, so this is what we got. I got a s’more frappuccino
with little crumbles of graham crackers, but
I got it with no coffee. – It takes like vanilla ice cream. – Yeah, it’s really yummy. – And I got a chocolate cake pop and a mango dragon fruit lemonade, but they didn’t have the dragon fruit, so then I asked for blackberries,
and it tastes the same! – Yeah, and I also got
birthday cake cake pop. Recommend. So delicious.
– Yum. – I love the whipped cream-
– There’s birds everywhere. I love them. There’s one up there, it’s so cute. It looks like a seagull, but just smaller. – [Dad] Lunch time! Okay, let me set a timer again. – I know what I’m gonna draw. – [Dad] Yeah, me too. All right, you ready? And 30 seconds… Now! (gentle music) All right, okay… – Here’s mine.
– [Dad] There’s mine. And that’s Evelyn’s. Okay, so, let’s shuffle up again. Who’s picking this time, again? – Me!
– Evelyn. – [Dad] Okay, Evelyn.
– Please pick something good. – [Dad] They all should
be good, I mean, you know. – No, I feel like that’s the worst one. (dad laughs) I feel like this one’s mine. What?! This looks like lettuce,
guacamole, and tortilla chips. – That’s a salad. I didn’t wanna guess a salad, I wanted to guess chips and guacamole, but everybody can see it’s a salad. – I did noodles.
– [Dad] I drew that. – This is supposed to be me
using chopsticks to eat it, it’s a dumpling and this is
supposed to be the soya sauce, but my eye’s a little bit
smaller than the dumpling, so- – [Dad] We only have 30 seconds, okay. What’s yours, Evelyn? – Mine is noodles from Sushi Maki, and comes in this boat thing. It’s so good. – [Dad] Okay well, it’s all
pretty healthy, especially mine. – But, of course, you had
to pick the worst one. – Sorry! I wanted this, but…
– (huffs) – [Dad] Well, it’s salad! – Yeah, that’s actually really good. That was the worst one.
(laughs) – [Dad] No, it’s gonna be
good, you’re gonna enjoy it. – Okay. Let’s go to the supermarket to get salad. Some salads here. I got this one. I got Santa Fe style,
so hopefully it’s good. – I’m gonna get chef (mumbles). Salad lunch time. I’m actually gonna take the dressing out, because I do not want dressing. – I was really craving a donut right now, or some dumplings, but… – [Dad] That salad looks really good. That’s the Santa Fe, right? – Yeah, there’s actually
also chips in here. – [Dad] Oh!
– I didn’t notice that. – Aw, I want chips! – Thanks, daddy, for the plain salad idea. Why could you draw a
hamburger or a pizza or a sub? – I know, right?
– [Dad] It’s delicious! And it’s healthy! You know what, spice it up a little bit, put the dressing on. – (mumbles) I have chips. – [Dad] The chips look
really good, actually. – Tastes like Doritos. – [Dad] How’s yours, Evelyn? – Eh. – They have to make salads
that have treats in them, like an ice cream salad,
not like a lettuce salad. – An ice cream salad? That’s an ice cream sundae! And also, I feel like I’m a bunny. – [Dad] Well, if you’re
not happy with that, you can always go back
to eating more baby food. (dad laughs) – Okay guys, so since we
had kind of a lame lunch- – [Dad] Hey, that wasn’t
lame, it was delicious! – Compared to what we drew, yeah! – We are going to have
dinner a little bit early and I’m trying to get a little bit hungry, so let’s fill this stomach up. Okay, I’m super excited, I
know what I want for dinner. – [Dad] All right, so
let me start the clock. And, go! (gentle music) Time’s up! Okay, so, let’s shuffle
them up a little bit more. Okay, all shuffled up. Who’s picking? – Well it’s my turn, but I
kind of want you to pick. – Yeah.
– [Dad] You want me to pick? Okay, I don’t want no complaining. – [Both Girls] Okay. – [Dad] Hopefully I get the one I got, because I picked the really good one. I’m gonna pick this one here. Oh, uh… – [Emily] That’s mine. – [Dad] That’s yours? Is that French bread, with potatoes? – [Emily] No, no, no, no.
– [Dad] Oh, wait a minute. Is that a steak? – Yeah, I tried to make
it, like, some steaks have- (all speaking at once) – [Dad] I did, that was my one. – So, there’s all good things. I drew a crepe on mine- – [Dad] I think I woulda guessed that. – Yeah, all of these pretty-
– Yeah, daddy’s really good. – Mine kind of looks
like a peanut on a plate that’s steaming hot, but it’s fine. Okay so, our dad made us
a very delicious steak. – [Evelyn] Yummy.
– And mine has seasoning on it because seasoning’s great.
– [Evelyn] Mine, too. – Also, fun fact about us, we
don’t really like potatoes. I mean, we like fries and potato chips, but we feel those are more for fast food. So, instead we have cucumbers and peppers. – That smells so good! – So good.
– Red bell pepper. It’s so good. – [Dad] Okay guys, I
guess this is gonna be your favorite one,
because this is gonna be dessert, after dinner.
– [Both Girls] Yes! – Yummy! – [Dad] So, I don’t think any
of us can get this one wrong. – Don’t try and trick
us and draw baby food! – [Dad] I won’t, I promise. Ready, steady, go! (gentle music) Time’s up! Okay. Okay, so who’s picking this round? I think it’s your turn.
– What about Emily, because she skipped a turn because of you. – [Dad] Okay, okay Emily. – Mm… – This one. – (gasps) Yay! – [Emily] An ice cream sundae! That is so easy, it’s a ice cream sundae. – [Dad] Yeah, you’re
right, I see that one one. Cherry on top.
– I drew a banana, because I love bananas.
– [Dad] That was my one, that was a slice of cake. – [Emily] It looks like a thick pizza. – [Evelyn] I want cake! – [Dad] And yours was-
wait, is that apple pie? – [Emily] Yeah, it’s
supposed to be apple pie but it kinda looks like
a waffle on a plate. – [Dad] Well you know what, I’m happy, because we’re getting
some ice cream sundae! – I love ice cream! – [Dad] Delicious. All right, you ready to go?
– Yeah. Oh em gee guys, look at this- (people speaking in the background) (happy music) We just got home from that amazing place, and that- well, it was a milkshake, it was kinda like a ice
cream sundae, as well. – Yeah, an ice cream, but a
milkshake’s a kind of ice cream. – Yeah, there was ice cream all over, and it was just SO yummy.
– And peanut butter and then Captain Crunch cereal! – Yeah, Captain Crunch cereal
is one of my favorite cereals. It was gigantic, but we
didn’t really film much because it was really quiet, and then also it was pretty small and
there was loud music. – There’s people playing games- – And there was, like, people
playing games at one table, so it was loud, but we
just wanted to enjoy it because it was so epic. Even though we had baby
food for breakfast, and rabbit food-
– Bunnies! – Bunny food for lunch, it
was still a pretty good day because all of the other
things was super yummy. So, comment down below what you would eat for the whole entire day if
you had to draw your meals. Thanks for watching! – See you next time!
– Please subscribe! – [Both Girls] And bye!

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