I Was Just Jogging Comedy Sketch | Michael Jr.

I love doing comedy. I was doing a show in uh, Hermosa Beach at
the Comedy and Magic Club right… I leave and I’m walking to my car, and it’s
getting a little cold, little dark outside. So I’m thinking, let me hurry up to get to
where I need to be. So I start jogging. [Chuckles in crowd] Then this white lady,
with her little jogging outfit on, came around the corner about 20 feet in front of me. We jogging in the same direction now. [Laughter] Then…she looked back… [Laughter] She started jogging faster! So I looked back too. [Laughter] Now I didn’t see anything back
there… [Laughter] but if a white person’s scared of it, Michael Jr. is scared of it too! [Crowd Laughter & Clapping] So I started jogging faster. After she looked back again, she took off
in full stride! This time I didn’t even look back. [Laughter] I also kicked in the gears! [Laughter] I could have easily passed her
up, but I’m thinking… “No, I can’t just leave this defenseless lady
out here by herself.” [Laughter] “Whoever back there gonna get her!” [Laughter] So I yelled up to her, “Is that
as fast as you can run?!” [Laughter] [Cheers] [ Footsteps running away
and fade to silence]

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