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My name is Martin and I’m 19 years old. My family is very conservative, but I love
to explore new worlds and get to know multiple cultures, especially Japanese culture. When I was 13 I signed up for classes to learn
the language. My parents, at the beginning, complied with
my whim so that I would leave them alone, they thought that my interest would last 5
days. It was not like that, I was hooked on Japanese
culture more than I could imagine. I made a great effort to understand their
strange humor and even read many books that explain their social relationships to understand
the ideas of “duty”, “honor” and “obligation” that are deeply rooted there. My dream was to travel to the country, but
in order to do that, I would have to wait a long time, save money and become independent. What I did want to do as soon as possible
was to get a tattoo in Japanese of a word that was important to me, Wabi-Sabi, which
is something like being able to see the beauty of imperfection. When I was 17, I set out to convince my parents
that this was my 18th birthday present. The first time I mentioned it, they even laughed. The answer was: “keep waiting”. Still, I didn’t give up, for months I behaved
very well and brought up the subject every now and then. In the end, I made it, two months after I
was 18 I had already made an appointment for my first tattoo. I was so excited. I asked my Japanese teacher for advice so
that there would be no room for error. I had the word written on several pages so
that the tattooist only had to trace it. The day arrived and with my nerves, I forgot
the examples at home. The tattooist was super nice, he comforted
me at all times. He told me that he would look up the translation
of the word, that it was more comfortable for him to print it out using the computer. I trusted him, he did that every day. It didn’t take long. My skin was very sensitive, so he had to soak
it well with cream and put a piece of plastic on it. When I got home I would be able to unveil
it and see it for myself, at that time I was too dizzy to do that. I was surprised when I unveiled it, I saw
that the tattoo was wrong. Instead of Wabi-Sabi, as I wanted, the tattooist
had eaten a letter and now it said Wasabi! I couldn’t believe it, I had a sauce tattooed
on my arm! And on top of that the missing letter was
one of the middle ones, how was I going to fix it? I ran out of the house and went to the tattoo
shop. I walked in like a madman and screamed for
explanations. The guy very kindly apologized for the mistake
and offered to fix it for free. I expected no less! I had gotten a Wasabi tattoo! I told him that there was a letter missing
and that I wouldn’t move away from there without getting it fixed. This time I brought the pages, I handed them
to him and asked him to be quick, I just wanted to lose sight of the disaster. It was impossible for him to be wrong twice,
I thought. Well, no, the tattooist had indeed placed
the missing letter, but in the wrong place, what was now written on it meant: Horseradish. I saw it as soon as I got up from the bed… This time I said nothing, I was overwhelmed,
I got up and walked out crying. At that moment I regretted going to the cheapest
tattooist in town, I should have saved a little more! On the way home I decided to close my mouth,
I wasn’t going to tell my parents about this terrible situation. I had horseradish tattooed on me and I had
to fake it. And… How could I return to my Japanese class? My life sucks. Does your life suck as well and you wanna
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