Human Design GENERATORS, Human Design Basics for Generator Aura Type.

Hello Generators this is for you so for all you human design buffs if you are a generator or a Manifesting generator you’re going to love this video now for manifesting Generators stay tuned I’m gonna share a video in this series that’s specifically for You however you will get a lot out of this video as well so stay tuned and get ready for a deep dive into the type generator So after my last couple of videos focusing on Human design and the projector type all my generators and manifesting generators wanted a video specifically for them So this is by request And I have a little bit of a different perspective so even if you know a lot about The generator type in human design you’re gonna get a lot out of this if you know nothing then this will be a great introduction So if you are a generator or a manifesting generator this square here will be colored in red That is this sacral that sacral is life force it’s consistent energy it’s the ability to work it is the energy for sex for reproduction for vitality and This is something both generators and manifesting generators have in spades here’s some magical things you should know about being a generator or a manifesting generator and Number one you are designed to live out a job career or work that you love I Don’t mean just settle for because it pays the bills or even makes you a shit ton of money No, I mean that wakes you up in the morning super excited to get to work Your energy is a commodity you have an open and enveloping type of aura that just draws people and circumstances and opportunity to You however if you’re out there chasing things down guess what you’re actually pushing people away And in this world conditioned by manifest errs meaning so much of our world was created by manifest errs That is the reason why you see the just do it mentality go out and make things happen you know manifestos are only 8% of the population and yet they are the ones who are telling the majority of the population which is the generators how to make things happen and Because of that you have a lot of generators that are super frustrated from initiating action super burned out when they’re really not supposed to be so you do not have to say yes to Everything that people ask of you as a matter of fact you really should only Do what is right for you Busy work is not God meaning you don’t have to just fill your day with busy work Many, of you feel good just doing busy work but you might just be working at 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction so don’t be afraid to slow down and wait for something to respond to it might feel Counterintuitive but you do need to learn how to be patient if you really want to feel satisfied in work and in life Generators you make up around 70% of the population so what does that mean it means that we live in a generator world You are here to really use your incredible life force for Your purpose no one else’s Okay, it’s your divine birthright to live out your purpose you work in a world You you work you should be working in a world that makes you sing, okay? Don’t let anyone make you a slave to something you hate or even that you’re settling for or even that you just mildly don’t like You know that’s not, what you’re here for? You are here to sing Meaning. Oh just loving what you do your strategy is to wait to respond now that’s for both generators and Manifesting generators you need to learn how to wait to respond waiting for something to respond to Will feel like waiting for a magical sign from the universe like a synchronicity You think of something you see the sign and then you take action Don’t confuse this with a hit or a psychic download or an inspirational ideas You don’t want to act on those you gotta wait for the outside confirmation now I know this is different if You are a spiritual empath or you’re sensitive or you are Connected to divine source Then you may have been taught to listen and follow your intuition and to act on your aunt’s intuition so this is very different guidance and It’s telling you that the spiritual realm is different than the aura mechanics meaning that your body and the way you’re meant to operate in the world is a little bit different if you want to live a life of Satisfaction and you want to actually have a business or a career something in this earthly plane that represents your truth then you don’t want to actually initiate based on your psychic downloads or your Inspirational thoughts and ideas you actually want to learn how to use your inner authority and your aura Mechanics to operate correctly in this world now Specifically if you are doing work you don’t love you’re not making enough money you’re frustrated that’s telling me that you’re probably following some type of system other than your proper inner authority and your proper strategy so really take this to heart and experiment with waiting to respond and outside confirmation maybe a message from a friend asking you for information a Billboard a magazine a bird passing by at the exact right moment When you asked for a sign about when you should start your new business the universe will show you In a way that you can understand so Center yourself and ask the universe to bring in clear outside Confirmations clear things to respond to that you can interpret and you can understand now this is really personal your interaction with your Synchronicities is something only you can decipher and you will get good at this the more you practice it and You will draw more things into your aura the more still you can get the more you’re willing to surrender the longer you’re waiting to respond The more likely you’ll have things to respond to if you don’t trust the waiting period Then you’ll actually be pushing things further and further out if you feel frustrated burned-out overworked stressed or unsatisfied or dull Chances are you have not been living up to your full potential as a generator You may you may have been chasing your dream your job your business your career your relationship without waiting to respond first so go back and do an inventory of your life Notice that when you chase something down what happened did you get frustrated pay attention to things in your past were you actually Weighted and you actually responded to something that, was brought into your aura and you let that guide you did you have more Satisfaction so pay attention to that energy inside of yourself it is your? GPS system Your goal, is to get good at responding to the world around you allow, things to come to you your aura is like a big magnet pulling life towards you as long as you are still and you wait for things to come in for you to respond to you will either have an emotional inner authority or a sacral inner authority Now these are very different the emotional inner authority really does take time it’s deep it feels things or it should be feeling things Completely if you shut your emotional system down it may take some time to let these emotions out and to feel things without any Meaning attached to them but to allow for a 24-hour process to really feel if your sacral You have probably been conditioned out of your sacral response your Sakhalin response is a deep guttural uh-huh feeling or sound I should say and it takes time to rediscover the Sacral sounds you have to commit to Listening to that and acting on the sacral not acting on your mind or what people want from you or your fears and You have to get good at having having people ask you yes or no questions and you being willing to go uh-huh and I will do more videos just on inner authority but for now I just want you to know that you’re gonna either be emotional or you’re gonna be sacral they’re both very very different and you each have your own unique way of Processing your decision-making so let’s go over this your strategy to wait for clarity and to respond so Actively waiting for something to come towards you is not sitting on the couch eating bonbons, okay? actively waiting means doing things that you love and You know either researching or studying or you know working on something working on project you’re actively waiting for something to come towards you by doing the things that provide you with Satisfaction and then you get a gut response uh-huh Or uh uh it’s an open yes Or no you get an initial first response and you want to feel into this if you’re Emotional then it’s gonna be a little different you’re gonna have to wait a full 24 hours you’re gonna sleep on it and feel into the decision Again the first thing in the amount in the morning when your emotions are super calm and then you decide yes or no or no for now Now this is where the mind can get involved so this is a warning on this so When you’re actively waiting for something to come towards you you’re pretty much you know still you’re not Initiating or taking you know moving forward on a goal so let’s say for example you want to start a business you may be Researching or getting a certification or Discovering what you really love? And deep down you’re thinking to yourself, wow, I really can’t wait to open my new dog grooming business and you’re researching or figuring out the possibilities and what might come in towards you and you get the outside Conformation, which is someone saying hey gosh you know I wish I had a dog groomer in the neighborhood and you get This gut response it’s like aha you’re getting the yes or the no you’re getting your initial response and So these are things that are coming in towards you that you’re responding to okay Then, when you get the yes? You gotta take action and if you don’t take action in your mind says Wow dog grooming is really stupid you shouldn’t do that you’ve got a good job you need to stick with what you know you know your parents told you that most small businesses fail and you’re gonna hear the mind come in and Tell you all of the reasons all of your conditionings all of your limiting beliefs all of your self-doubt This, sometimes really depends on where you’re undefined and defining your centers which we will get to more videos on that as Well but basically that’s a deeper understanding of your chart for now all you need to know is that your mind will Sabotage what your sacral or your emotional is saying yes to if you don’t act so you do need to act Based on your inner authority and not your mind so, wake up corporate business office world generators are not here to give over energy just to be a slave to do work they hate You are here to do what you enjoy to do work that brings you Satisfaction that makes you feel alive so be your unique self listen to your own guidance system and Do not listen to anyone else telling you what to do I am giving you the key to unlock your shackles right now You are meant to be free so trust your vitality Trust your energy you are a divine commodity and you are the only one who should be guiding your ship and once we set the generators free the whole direction Of the society will begin to change and be more satisfied and more fulfilled when you don’t know what to do you should never rush the process Instead you should practice what it feels like to wait not initiate Learning how to live in response is an art form and can take years Because of the madness of the mind just look around Look at how frustrated and annoyed people are people who don’t like going to work and they’re in their traffic you know if you just one second go sit in traffic in LA you’ll know the craziness of the mind because people are just frustrated and There’s a lot of people sitting in bumper-to-bumper Being frustrated that’s the generator world living as they’re not self The mind will tell you to act Because you need to pay the rent you’re lazy you have to make a choice it’s time to just do it But if nothing is showing up for you to respond to you got to learn how to be still still the mind and wait this is not easy people This is the cutting edge this is waking up to a whole new reality and most people are not willing to do it yet so if you are I Congratulate you I see your genius I know how hard it is and I’m here to support you in your transformation to live your truth Generators and manifesting generators you are born to be deliciously alive and full of life and excited to get up day to live your dream you should be satisfied and thrilled with the work that you do do not settle for anything less when you learn your truths you learn your strategy in your inner authority you will fall into a life full of satisfaction satisfaction will be yours you’ll get up running around the house doing cartwheels just excited to live Now as I’ve said many times this is for generators and manifesting generators now Manifesting generators you do have a little bit of a different Inner Authority you have a little bit of a different strategy however like I said waiting to respond is the very first thing you need to learn so everything here will apply to You and then you’ll have some additional Strategies that’ll be just for you so please make sure you comment below let me know what you think tell me a little bit about how this is working for you and then make sure to subscribe so that you will be notified When the manifesting generator specifically the video specific for you comes out so Generators and manifesting generators it’s my joy To see your brilliant shining light to see your energy being used for everything that you want and that makes you feel satisfied and I really encourage you to stay in Our network and we do have some free gifts for you We do have a lot of other videos that can help you understand your design on a deeper level and We look forward to helping to guide and direct you to lead a life that brings you joy and satisfaction


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