HOW2: How to Draw!

– What’s up, fruity toots? Hopefully thou ‘art’ in
the mood to learn some art, ’cause that’s exactly what
we’ll be teaching you today! – That’s right! In this episode, we’ll be
showing you how to draw! – [Orange] Take it away, “Pear-casso”! (laughs) – [Pear] Alright, step
one is pretty simple. Just pick up a pencil. – [Orange] Step two is not so simple. Whatever you do, don’t let that pencil
stab you in the eyeball! (man screams) – What the- – I said, don’t let it
stab you in the eyeball! Geez, some people never listen! – Yeah, dude, I get the concept of not letting a pencil stab my eyeball. Got it. I just don’t see why it has to be a step when it’s something that never happens. – Yo, whatchu talkin’ ’bout? I see it happen all the time. Pencils be going into eyeballs, yo! – What? – Hey, hey, hey, hey. Be
careful. Don’t let that pencil– (man screams) – Too late. If only he had watched the video sooner. Tsk. Tsk. – (groans) Can we move on? At one point, we were talking
about drawing, remember? – Oh, yeah! Drawing. Step three. Draw whatever you have in mind. Like this. – Wow. That’s really good. – Nah. Not really. I meant to draw a tree. (laughs) I was way off. (laughs) – Well, it’s still good. – I guess. I have practiced drawing a ‘bunch’ (laughs) – (laughs) Yeah, okay. But you kinda skipped over
a few steps back there, Don’t cha think? – Huh? What do you mean? I picked up the pencil, I didn’t stab my eyeball, and then I drew it! – Right, but– – Oh, no! Did I forget step two? Did I stab myself in the eyeball without realizing it? – No. – (screams) Why does
this always happen to me? – Orange! You did not stab yourself in the eyeball! – Oh. Okay. Yeah, that’s what I thought. – I’m just saying, you glossed
over the most important part. You didn’t explain how
to draw the picture. – Oh, I gotcha. Well let me start over! Step one. Pick up the pencil. Step two is to practice
shading techniques, and then step three is– (screams) – Hey, what happened? – (screams) The pencil! I didn’t do the real step two, and now it’s gonna stab my eyeball. (screams) – Whoa, what the– – It’s got a mind of its own. Run, Pear! Get the lead out! (laughs then screams) – Now is not the time for puns! – I’m sorry! It’ll never hap-‘pen’ again. (orange and pear scream) (ominous orchestral music)


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