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Grades in Canvas There are a few ways that you can view grades
in Canvas. The first way to view grades is by selecting
the view grades button in the sidebar. Here, you can quickly see your grades for
all courses you are enrolled in. To view your grades, just click the course
name you want to see grading details for. Or, you can access course grades by opening
a specific course in your Canvas Dashboard. For this demo, I am going to use a specific
course from my Canvas Dashboard. On the screen, you will see my Fall I-DEA
Demo course. If you look next to the Grades link, you will
see there is a number five there. This means that I have five new assignment
grades. Now, I am going to click on the Grades link. When the Grades link opens, you will see an
overview of all of my assignments and grades for this course. You will also see my current grade. I am going to sort my grades by module, so
I can easily see my grades in the order they were completed. I recommend that you do this, too. But, you can sort your grades by due date,
assignment title or assignment group using the “Arrange by” drop down menu if you
would like. Right now, it looks like I have a 73.77 hours
in the I-DEA class. Let’s look at the grades table and review
some of my grades. When you look at the table, you will see a
list of my assignments including their due dates, my score, the total points that were
possible, and if the assignment has been graded. First, let’s look at the assignment called
Learn: Project I-DEA. Do you see the “dialog bubble?” This means that my teacher left me a comment. Let’s click the bubble to see what she said. The comment says “You lost 5 points because
you did not record. See me if you need help.” I don’t know what record means, so I will
talk to my teacher tomorrow. Next, let’s look at Practice: Practice Quizzes. There isn’t a comment from my teacher, but
I can see I got a score of 7 out of 7 possible points. That means that I got everything correct! Now, let’s look at Discuss: Using the Computer. I can see that my score is 3.8 out of 5 points. And, I see a dialog bubble and blue box with
a star. Let’s click on the box to see what it is. Oh! The blue box is a rubric that shows me how
my assignment was graded. I can see that I lost .2 points for capitalization,
punctuation, grammar, and spelling. I also see that I got a 0 for student replied
to a classmate’s post. I wonder what that means. Maybe the dialogue bubble will have more information. Let’s click on it and see. The first dialog bubble shows me that I typed
Word and PowerPoint wrong. The second comments says I lost points because
I didn’t reply to a classmate. I still don’t understand what that means,
so I will ask my teacher tomorrow. Finally, let’s look at Learn: Successful
Students. Under the score column, I see a circle with
what looks like a squiggly line in it. We haven’t seen that before, so let’s
see what it means. If I hover over it with my mouse, I will see
that my instructor is working on grades. That means she hasn’t graded the assignment
yet. I will have to come back and check my grade
later. When I look at my grades now, I see comments
and rubrics that are open. I can leave them that way, or I can click
on close and close them. I am going to close them. One additional feature that I wanted to note
is the Scoring Details feature. When you check your Canvas grades, you may
also see a check mark with a plus sign to the right of it. This is the icon for Scoring Details. What this icon means is that after at least
5 students in your class complete an assignment and get a grade, you will be able to see the
low, high, and average scores for your class. This feature is not one that you really need
to use often, but I wanted to mention it in case you see it when you check your grades. Now that you have learned how to check grades
in Canvas, it’s time for you to check your grades. Be sure to ask your teacher if you don’t
understand a grade or a comment! You can watch the video again if you need

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