How To Upcycle Terracotta Pots With Paint

I’m Emily, and I’m going to show you how
to upcycle terracotta pots. To upcycle a pot, you’re going to need a
pot, some different colored paints of your choice and some paintbrushes,
maybe even a roller. You want an internal sealer, and an
external primer, some sandpaper for smoothing out rough edges, and a mask
for the fumes and some painter’s tape. Instead of having to go out and buy new
expensive pots to keep your garden up-to-date, you can simply paint them, and
add your own personal touch to make them suit your needs. Because I’ve got a new pot,
I don’t need to sand it or clean it, so it’s ready for the primer. Sealing the inside of the pot is going to
make sure that your plants aren’t contaminated from any of the chemicals
used in the paint. It’s also going to make sure that any
moisture that gets in there isn’t going to push the paint off the
outside of the pot. ♪ [music] ♪ So I’ve painted the pot with two coats,
I let each coat dry for about two hours. Now I’m going to mark out some tape around
here, and paint the bottom a darker gray. Make sure you stick it down really well so
that no paint bleeds through. ♪ [music] ♪ You want to be careful when taking off the
tape to make sure that you don’t take any of the paint off with it. ♪ [music] ♪ There you have it. In just a few easy steps,
we were are able to turn an old pot into something beautiful.

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