How to Submit a TurnItIn Assignment in Canvas

Some instructors may require students to submit papers to TurnItIn which it’s a plagiarism detection service that allows instructors and students to view an originality report of written work or other homework assignments. The system is designed to facilitate feedback between instructors and students on written work. TurnItIn is integrated with Canvas so you will submit assignments to TurnItIn directly in Canvas. You will not need to create separate accounts at the web site. In Canvas TurnItIn assignments will be listed on the assignment page. Click assignments to view the assignment list. Click on the assignment title to view the TurnItIn assignment. Please note if this is the first time you’re accessing a TurnItIn assignment you’ll be asked to accept terms of use. Once you to do that the TurnItIn assignment dashboard will display. Above the dashboard instructors may include instructions on how to complete the assignment. On the assignment dashboard click Summary to view the assignment due date, feedback release date, points, and rubric if attached. The summary may also include information about the assignment settings such as if resubmissions are allowed or late submissions are allowed or if you’re allowed to view the originality report. Please note if resubmissions are allowed and your resubmit a document, the previously submitted document will be deleted and if you resubmit less than 24 hour since your last submission you will not be able to view a new originality report until a full 24 hours has passed. Click the Assignment Dashboard to return to the submission area. When you’re ready to submit your document click the upward pointing arrow. The submit dialog box will appear. There are three options for submitting your paper. the default tab option is to upload a file. Please note the supported files if using this option. Click the copy and paste tab to copy and paste text into the box provided. Click additional options to access cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to access the documents you’ve saved in those services. In this tutorial I will upload a file. Give your essay a name. and then click Select file to upload. Locate your document on your computer and then click Open. Your file will upload and be validated. Once this is complete you will see a preview of your document. From here you can cancel a submission and start over or if you’re, ready go ahead and accept a submission. Once your file has been submitted on the assignment dashboard you will see your submission listed with a set of icons. Please note it may take a few minutes for your document to process the originality report Once it’s complete you will see the similarity index score on how original your document was compared other documents in the TurnItIn database. The lower the score the more original your document is. The color chart helps you to determine where your document falls in that similarity index if you see below it means there are no matching words. Green means there is some similarity of at least 24%. Yellow means that there is at least 25 to 49%. Orange 50% to the 74% range and red means it that over 75% of your document is similar to other documents in the TurnItIn database. If you have questions about your similarity index score, talk with your instructor or the librarian at the library reference desk. If resubmissions are allowed, click the upward arrow to resubmit your document. Just be aware of the 24 hour limitation if you plan to resubmit within 24 hours of your last mission. You can also click the downward arrow to download your last submission. Click the document icon to view or download the digital receipt of your last submission. To view your originality report click the um color. This will display your originality report in new window. Text that is similar to text in the TurnItIn database will be highlighted in your document On the right side bar will display the sources of the text. To print the report click the printer icon in the lower left corner of the screen. When you’re done viewing your report click the X in the upper right corner.

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