How to Spray Paint Motorcycle Parts. Speed T Project

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of custom spray mods in this video im going to keep painting the Speed Triple Ive got my design, all laid out the way I want it Ive pulled the parts off the bike and Im going to start painting them. Iv got them here, Ill sand them Prime them and start painting my lines and candies and metallics, Its going to look AWESOME Check It out… Custom Spray Mods Ok so Im going to start sanding this part. It has a sticker under the clear. So ill sand it all off, primer it then Ill be ready for paint Ok, so Ive removed the stickers.. Now ill sand the rest with 240g sandpaper These parts are going to need some Primer Filler. Just to level out the parts where the stickers were removed. All the other parts, because the paint is in good condition, I can sand it with some grey scuff pads and paste. Thats going to clean it all up, key the surface and thats going to make my paint stick really well. Now that the parts are all clean sanded and dry Its time to set them up for spray painting. Clean with wax and grease remover. Then you need to secure them down to something, as the parts are light. When the spray gun pressure hits them they can go flying. So make sure you use some tap, tape them down and you wont have any problems. Now Im going to use the Concept EuroPrimer. Its a 2K Hi BUild Primer that can go directly to plastic or a sanded surface Ill spray about 3 to 4 coats.. Then Ill be ready for the next step. Now Im going to spray a guide coats over the parts that I need to sand. Im sanding with 800g wet sand paper on a block. Im going to sand all that guid coat off. Thats how I know that the whole part has been sanded. Ive got all my parts setup.. Ill spray my first layer of paint Ill let that dry.. Give it a sand.. Then ill be ready to do some more masking. Now ill use some Concept Ahesion Promoter Ill spray that over the parts, thats going to help my paint stick,. Rock Music Playing Now that Ive sprayed the silver down, Ill mix up some flake. Im using a clear Base Coat. Then ill keep on adding flake till Im happy with the amount Now Im going to add some 2K Thinners and thats going to make it suitable to flow through my spray gun Im going to use the same gun I used for the primer.. 1.8mm Gravity Feed Spray about 3 to 4 coats of flake or keep spraying till your happy with the amount of flakeyness. Ok Ive got my silver base down and my silver flakes.. Now ill mask up and spray 2 different types of candy Ill spray the candy over the whole panel than ill spray the clear let that dry then sand it down and mask up where I want my candy Then ill spray the next colour after thet.. Itll all work out you will find out at the end of the video to get an idea of where Im going to put the candy Ive taken photos of all the panels and photoshopped in roughly where Im going to put the candy Ill use them as a guide, mask it up and spray my different candies Now that the red cany is down, Im going to mask over it then spray a different colour candy then on the one panel ill have 2 different candies Its important to let any base coat dry for at least half an hour before masking. you dont want it to be soft when your putting that tape on ok ive masked up all the red candy. Now ill spray gold candy over the rest of the panel Ok so I sprayed my silver base down the silver flakes on top of that Then I masked it up and sprayed red candy, masked it up again and sprayed gold candy Now ill spray clkear coat over everything.. Ill let that dry over night Tomorrow ill sand it back and mask up where I want the red and the gold candy to go Then spray black over everything then cleaqr it again Its going to look cool Lets go. Now that the clear is all dry. Ill spray the inside of the plastics with a gloss black Thats going to cover the origonal colour and look a bit better when I put the parts back on the bike Now that its all dry Ill sand it with 1000g wet sandpaper Thats going to smooth it all out from the flakes and lines. Then ill be able to start masking up The parts are all sanded and looking good. Now ill clean them with some wax and grease remover Now ill start masking using 3mm fine line tape. Ill mask over the parts I want to stay Candy ok so ive painted the candies and clear.. Let it dry then sanded it Ive masked up where I want the red and gold candy to be ill spray some black basecoat over everything then peel it off then ill spray the clear again and that will leave my awesome flakey patches So ill mix up m,y base coat and spray iot omn now


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