How To Sketch In Pen

Awhile ago I uploaded a video where I bunch of sketches in pen And talked about why you would do such a crazy thing and all the different things I learned as I went through it Today is another one of those sketches, only this time I’m focusing more on a few quick tips to help you if you decide to do sketches in pen The first tip I have for you is to sketch very very lightly Do not commit to any of your lines until you’re such they’re in the right place because there is no going back And this is a very important thing to learn even when you’re sketching in pencil and you have an eraser It’s just, it’s a huge saver, if you know how to do this and doing drawings in pen is a great way to learn that faster Another tip I have for you is when you’re sketching don’t be afraid to use shapes and very sketchy lines to figure out where everything is going to go Most of those lines will not be seen in the finished piece and the ones that are, they’re just going to add to a very nice sketchy feeling that this picture is going to have And you notice I’m starting to add some of the darkest darks and I just like to do that so I have the lightest lights and the darkest darks I have a reference for my two extreme ranges, so I know where I’m working in basically if that makes sense You’ll notice I’m working on the cheek right now and it kinda just looks like a bunch of random scribbly lines What am I doing here? A lot of the time, when you’re doing drawings it’s going to look kinda like this It’s not going to make a lot of sense to beginning with. Don’t worry about it, that’s normal. Just follow the reference photo and as you fill out the rest of the picture, it will look how it’s supposed to look So just keep on going, follow that reference photo You’ll notice in a little bit, it’s going to jump ahead and I’ll be way more done with the sketch than I was a second ago That’s just because Iost a bunch of footage– there it goes– I honestly don’t know what happened, if I just forgot to record, I don’t know, I don’t know Just you didn’t miss anything, don’t worry So I’m just continuing on, I’m just scribbling randomly Just something to watch out for is in pen it is easy to get the darks but it’s hard to keep the lights there And I know I have a problem. Everytime I’m trying to get those midtones in and get it exactly right– but sometimes I end up in making the overall thing too dark So that’s definitely something you what to pay attention with And I love doing textured drawings in pen like this crocodile, I’m done a tortoise before, and a ram which has very coarse hair and lovely texture on the horns And I love doing those because if you do a scribble or two off nobody’s going to know, they’ll think it’s texture because the whole thing is basically scribbles Whereas you do something like a human sketched in pen which I also did– that’s very scary and when you make a mistake it’s a lot more obvious And there we have another jump I don’t know what happened there either I’m working on the background now. I’m adding sharpie, mostly because I wanted the alligator to pop out of the page a little more But also because there’s a difference in texture there– so much texture, I’m saying that word so much So mostly for contrast, but also texture and tone. The sharpies’ kinda blue, the pen’s kinda orangish You can’t really tell at this angle but in person it’s definitely very obvious And it just adds a lot of contrast and you know, makes it look nice So you can do all kinds of things with your pen sketches, I don’t know, be creative, do whatever I hope you enjoyed this video and that the tips were helpful Tell me below if you are doing a pen drawing or you have done one. Tell me your thoughts Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next week

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