How to Sketch | Drawing Tutorials

The basics of sketching are easy and fun. Basically, you need some paper
and you need a drawing material. This time, I’m going to use drawing
pencils. Drawing pencils come in different shades. You have B as in boy,
pencils, and you have H as in Harry, pencils. The Hs are much harder and
lighter toned. The Bs are much softer and can be much darker. When it comes to sketching, the most important
thing is to really have your tools ready, and to experiment. Sketching and creating art is all about
creativity; it’s all about tapping into your own sense of creativity and
expressing yourself. If I’m going to explore sketching, the most
important thing, really, is just to see what does this
tool do? For example, how dark
of a line can I make pressing really hard? If I barely press, how soft of a
line can I make? Perhaps I’ll pick up another pencil and do
the same thing. Immediately, I see that one pencil is much
darker than the other. On the
contrary, this pencil is going to draw a much finer line. You want to
explore what types of lines you can make. Sketching is all about self-
expression through creating a variety of lines. My suggestion to you would be to draw a lot
of different lines on a piece of sketch paper. Perhaps draw circles, draw dashes, perhaps
even think of words, and draw the types of lines that come
to your imagination. For
example, if I say ‘exciting’, what types of lines might you draw? If I say
‘peaceful’, what type of line might that be? If I say ‘sleepy’, what type
of line comes to your imagination? If I say the word ‘loud’, what kind of
mark or line comes out automatically? As you explore your sketching, I recommend
this type of exercise; think of adjectives or experiences that you’ve had
and come up with very quick symbols. You’ll find that you can create a wide variety
of sketch marks and sketch lines, and this will be a perfect introduction
to exploring the basics of sketching.


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