how to sharpen punches

Hello & G’day… today I’ve got a quick
tip for you on ‘how to sharpen your punches’ say if you’ve got just a around
this around one inch around 3/4 and this is just a little about a half inch I’ve
got a piece of tin foil here it’s bit heavier than your kitchen foil and I got
it out of my very large tin of coffee so all I’m going to do is I’m going to pop
that in there and I’m going to make a few cuts so I’m just going to go around
and I’ll be cutting them out I’ll do a few I haven’t got a lot of this foil so
if I run out and it’s not sharp enough I’ll have to go back and use the kitchen
foil this one’s in pretty good condition
there’s a really good punch this one it’s been a little bit naughty I’ll get
rid of that bit I’ll do one more there this one here I’ve got a real big
problem there so I’ll get that off this one here is a bit hard to use with my
crook hand so I’ll go that way and use the table to push down on and I’ll give
that one it a bit of a sharp and to find the kitchen foil I’ve got to fold it
over a few times and it does make it a bit more difficult to cut it gets all
you know comes it comes loose when it’s folded and it gets caught up in my punch
so I’ll do just want a few more times because it’s the worst out of the three
it’s the worst so I need to show I actually needs replacing this one but
I’m making it last by doing this I am making it last all
right now I can keep them for a project or I can dump them
okay so I’ve got some scrap here this is 250 gsm card stock it’s a good quality not a problem
cut lovely not a problem
so that is a very simple way to sharpen your punches oh their popping right out
their working perfectly well. them ones now let’s try this one this one’s doing it hard because the cardboards a bit thick so I’ll go this way I really do have. the smaller the punch
the harder it is, my fingers are just not strong enough to push on that so I
really have to use the power of my hand but that’s cutting pretty good now there
is a quick and easy way of how to sharpen your punches if they are being a
little bit dull and you know not cutting out properly another tip is with your circle punch is
if you try to cut a single layer it will almost always do that so double it up or
triple it up as long as it’s not too heavy that makes a big difference you’ll
get a cleaner cut it was a single cut and a single cut
so fold your papers and it’ll cut much easier and if you’re not able to fold it
just say you want a single layer of that and you’ve only got that one piece just
grab yourself a normal piece of paper or some other cardstock and put it behind
it and then go in and cut your circle and you can avoid those little messes so
there is a quick and easy way of how to sharpen your punches here, when you take
the lid off you peel off that big piece of foil off the top of your can. I’m
Donna thanks for watching and bye for now


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