How to Prepare Your Canvas before Painting on it

Painting With Yovette, How to Prepare Canvas before Painting on it Well Good Morning, Oh
gorgeous day in Oregon! My name is Yovette from My Magic Brushes,
and today I’m going to show you how to prepare a canvas before painting on it.
So here I just have a small canvas. What I do, I turn it over, remove anything that
it might have on the back, take a spray bottle of just plain water, spray the
back, and what this is gonna do it’s gonna tighten the canvas up because normally
when you get a new canvas, they’re pretty loose and wobbly. So just take and spread
this around, spread the water around, and that’s it. Just let that dry. So the
canvas is now prepared on the back. And to do the front, usually a new canvas
is pretty rough, that is if you’re getting a more inexpensive canvas. The
expensive ones are very smooth. But what you do, I have a block with some sand
paper on it, and all you do is start little circles. And all you’re doing is taking off
that very sharp tooth. And then with just a Jersey cloth, I use an old hubby’s
t-shirt cut up in pieces, and you just wipe off the dust, and that’s all there
is to that. And you can just feel, just a magnificent difference! So then I just
take some white gesso, I have a foam brush, just hit both sides of it, load
both sides of the foam brush, and just go over the canvas, and all you’re doing is
you’re sealing this paint, sealing this on a canvas, so that the paint will not
bleed through. It also makes it much much smoother.
Very easy to do, very simple, and it’ll make your canvas so much nicer to paint
on. One of the biggest benefits is that it will actually save your brushes. So
you won’t have to buy so many brushes, because they really get ruined on a
rough canvas. Okay, so now your canvas is completely
ready for painting on. And see, that didn’t take very long at all, and it’ll
make such a difference when you go to paint on it. So anyway, try it out, see
what you think. Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson as much as I did. Thank
you for joining me, and please come back again. Bye bye


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