How to Prepare a Canvas for Painting : Preparing a Canvas: Paint With White Gesso

Okay, so the next thing we are going to do
is paint the gesso onto the canvas. And for this you want to use a bigger brush. This
is not actually as big as I would like, but just something with a more wide bristles,
also flat is preferred. So, let’s get some gesso, put it on there. This is a small canvas
so it probably isn’t going to take that much, but you can see how thick it is. And I could
be watering it down, but the thing about gesso is it is so nice because you are really creating
a nice surface to be painting on top of with your acrylic. In fact, if you are even using
a canvas that has been previously painted on, sand it and paint over it with gesso and
it will be just like new. So you want to get about an even consistency across the whole


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