How to Plan a Photoshoot — Behind-The-Scenes With BELLA+CANVAS

Hey you guys
we’re behind the scenes at the BELLA CANVAS 2018 photoshoot and while we’re
here we thought it would be cool to give you an inside look at everything that
goes into planning a photo shoot and what it takes to make it happen so the
first thing you need to do is find the location today we’re shooting at
casement studios in downtown Los Angeles it’s an awesome loft with a lot of
windows a lot of white walls which we love and tomorrow we’re heading downtown
to a rooftop and we’re gonna get those city vibes so we like to do a little bit
of indoor and outdoor to get some variety in our two hi i’m Luke Wooden the photographer for
BELLA+CANVAS i think the secret to capturing a good photo is everyone
working together i think it’s really important to know what the clients want
that way you sort of have a better chance of getting it sort of mixing some
beautiful light and credible model and then a little bit of luck on this set we
have four assistants for camera which help do lighting and grips we have one
digital tech and then we have a production assistant we are on top of a
parking structure in downtown LA we’re basically in direct sunlight so for us
it’s pretty important to control that and we basically use some giant silks to
diffuse the light and then we supplement with some strobes today there’s so much
to get through and we have so much to do that it’s pretty important that you get
enough crew to really help things move quickly develop bella canvas is pretty cool
and clean and so we try to do that with our photography keep everything really
natural really beautiful we don’t really want to overdo it we wanted to be real I
think they’ll canvas basically make some of the best t-shirts in the world it’s
really cool to see all the different styles they have I’m always wearing
Bella Canvas so I think it’s really fun to you know take pictures of something
that you really support so the look for the Bella and Canvas shoot
today is a very soft natural loose wave that just feels very pretty and easy and
just lets her natural beauty shine through our beauty look today for Bella
canvas is really clean natural it’s on brand for them to have the models just
looking like a model off duty and our girls today have beautiful skin
beautiful features so we’re just going to amp those up and make them look cool model selection is obviously so
important because they’re basically the ones selling your product and you want
them to represent the look and feel of your brand so we this year have a pretty
stellar lineup of models we have Don Benjamin back for the third year in a
row we just can’t get enough of him and we have Gunther who’s a new face for us
on the girls side we have Rania who we love from last year and had to bring her
back we have this gorgeous blonde Josie Canseco and we have the beautiful Juliet
to round it off hi my name is Sara and I’m styling the
2018 catalog for Bella Canvas for these three days shoot we have a lot of
pastel colors and it takes about two days to prep and I have a team of two
people we shop around town and select the best aisles of denim and shoes then
we come together we do a sort of a run-through with the team after that we
bring to set all the best of the best pieces and we style each shirt with the
right Jean with the right shoes a little bit of accessories so we’re trying to
get a really cool off-duty vibe one of the things you want to make sure
when planning a photoshoot is that everything you do is on brand for your
company what this means is you want your customers to be able to recognize that
it’s your brand when they see an advertisement
even without the logo and you can achieve this by maintaining consistency
season after season and this photo shoot was just another chance for us to make
that happen Be Different


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