How to paint peaches by an angle flat brush, Acrylic painting, part 1

Hello! Welcome to my channel! My name is Irina Lyamshina. At first we will draw the sketch of the fruits. Let’s draw the first peach The second here Let’s take the angle flat brush We will paint some shadows Our painting will look like a watercolor painting a little bit Let’s load up the sharp edge of the brush with the purple color You can use the violet rose color Let’s paint the shadows and here And the last one Now we need some yellow and orange color And more water. To make the color more liquid Like this And we will make the strokes like this A little bit orange Let it dry. Let’s paint the background I take a little bit ocher color and the white. We can add more water and paint the background around Maybe a little bit yellow lemon color Now let’s take the angle brush again And load up the the sharp edge with light pink color We will make some strokes like this Let it dry. We will take the light green color And paint the green shadows around the fruits Here is the background leaf. Let’s paint the white strokes in the upper part of the fruits And maybe once more If it necessary If you want to make the lighter place

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