How to Paint and Distress Furniture

Hello, I’m Jennifer, with Jennifer
decorates and in today’s video I’m going to show you how I transformed a $65
piece from the flea market using Rust-oleum chalk paint so stay tuned it
is a gorgeous day outside I’m so happy to see the sun! I’m gonna work on this
furniture piece that I got for my daughter-in-law
at the flea market. I have never used rust-oleum chalk paint
but I’m gonna try it out today and see how it does. I’m a huge Rust-oleum fan
though, I love all of their products so my thought for this piece is to just
chalk paint the outside and leave the drawers the wood color and see how that
looks. If it doesn’t look good, I’ll go back and paint the drawers but hopefully I
can make this $65 piece look amazing. Fingers crossed! So I move the piece into
the garage, which you don’t want to paint in the sun because chalk paint dries so
quick it’ll just make a mess of everything. I already Shop- Vaced and
cleaned it out, but quick tip: dust is hard to get out of the little nooks and
crannies of furniture. Find a little old brush and then dust out the dirt- It’s
easy! So I want to darken the drawers a little
bit. This is an old piece, I don’t, you know, it’s been stained, I don’t know what
they used on top of it but I love to use acrylic paint. It dries fast and it’s so
easy to work with. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna mix a little bit of burnt
umber with a little bit of black and I’m gonna darken this entire drawer and then
when it dries, I’m gonna put a coat of Polyurethane over it and we’re done!
Okay, I’ve kind of made the paint dark and what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna add
it more around the edges of the drawer first and then just a little bit on the
inside when you want things to look old and distressed you always want to make
it darker around the edges because that’s where through time things get
extra dirty. Now don’t worry if you have too much of it on because then what
you’re gonna do is come back with a rag and just kind of wipe it and just keep
working with it until you get it the way you want it. So darkening it with that acrylic paint,
I think it just looks a whole lot better. So I was in the middle of painting it I
thought, you know, it would be really cool if I painted the drawer handles the
same color as the chalk paint so I’m going to do that. Okay painting the drawer handles is
gonna turn out great. It’s gonna need another coat. Real quick, I wanted to tell
you this- when your darkening furniture and you’re using acrylic be careful when
you’re painting it and to always paint with the grain of the furniture. If you kind
of have swirl marks by the time it dries, it really looks like a hot mess.
So here’s the great thing, you’re using acrylic paint, it’s water-based. Wet a
rag, wipe it off, and start over. Once it’s done it’s gonna look kind of dull and
boring but when you add that coat of Polyurethane it comes to life! Okay now
that the chalk paint is done drying and I did two coats, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna take some sandpaper and just kind of do just around the edges of the
furniture to give it a little bit of a distressing. What I
love about painting over a wood piece of furniture is that when you go to
distress it, that wood tone comes out from under the paint color and it just
looks great! So I added two coats of Polyurethane and
a lot of people when they paint with chalk paint they use wax.
I’m a terrible at it for some reason so I stick with Polyurethane. One of the
things I like about it is when you add that first coat to the chalk paint it
immediately deepens and enriches that color! I love the way this piece turned
out. It was easy to do! Thank you for watching and be sure to
subscribe to my channel and I’ll have another video out next week!


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