How to Paint a Room : Priming Walls Before Painting

Ok, the next step in our bedroom painting
project is to prime the areas that we have prepped on the walls. I’ve got my primer right
here. And again, you want to make sure that you give it a good stir in case the paint
separated. Now I already have a roller that’s got primer on it from a previous project and
I put it in a baggie and what that does is it keeps it wet. So you can use it again and
again if you need to. Now this is a smaller version of the rollers we’ve been using thus
far. They call them hot dog rollers and they come in really handy when it comes to things
like priming where you don’t necessarily have a big area to cover. Ok, I’m going to take
my drop cloth because again, we want to protect our floors. Dip the roller and then I’m just
going to hit these spots that we patched earlier. If you see areas where there might be some
smudges and stuff, you might want to hit those too. Ok, so most primers only take about an hour
to dry so we’ll let that dry and then we’ll get on to paint.


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