How to Outline your Drawings on FireAlpaca

Is this what my voice always sounds like? Oh my God, I stood in front of a class and talked about sharks for six minutes and this is what I sounded like the entire time? So I know of two different ways to outline your picture on FireAlpaca. The first way i’m gonna talk about is what I usually use. So, we’re gonna create a new layer. I’m gonna title it “Outline” just to make it easier on myself. I’m gonna put it under the layer of my actual picture. Then I’m gonna select the magic wand tool, and you’re gonna select the area outside of your picture. Then go up to the top, to the “Select” tab and click “Inverse”. Now the thing that is selected is your actual picture. Now go back to the “Select” tab and then click “Expand”. Here is where you enter how big you want the border to be. So I’m just gonna go with five, for now–five pixels. And now the selected area has expanded five pixels. Then you can click your… bucket tool and then fill it in, with whatever color you want and there you have an outline. The only problem with this is that the outline is a little rough which you can always go back to fix but if you’re really lazy, like me you might not… really consider that Also, the, uh… not sure how to explain this but it’s not very pointy right here, see how it’s kind of blocky? Sometimes I fix those. The second way of outlining your picture is by first duplicating the layer in which your drawing is on And then clicking “Protect Alpha”. Then you’re gonna chose the color of what you want the outline to be. I’m gonna choose white because that’s just kind of my go-to color. And then you’re gonna fill it in by increasing the brush size, whatever, and then you’re gonna put that layer under your drawing layer. Then you’re gonna choose your Paint Bucket tool and make sure that the reference is on “layer” and make sure that the “Expand” button is on 3. And you’re just gonna start… Oh. You’re gonna have to unclick “Protect Alpha” and then you’re gonna just start painting on top of it, like this. This is how it looks without the drawing over it. It just kind of expands every time you click on it. So, you can just do that, see? And if you want it thicker you just kinda click it again and again until you like how it looks Ooh. That looks ugly. ‘m gonna undo that. Captioner’s note: I found that really funny tbh And… I will say that–oh! Never mind. It’s just as rough as my usual technique. So you can go ahead and fix that too. And it has the exact same problems as the last one, which is it’s a little rough, and… ooh! It’s a little rough and it’s kind of blocky on the… on the points So you can fix that, if you’re not lazy like me. So those were two different ways on how to outline your drawings on FireAlpaca. If there’s another way, um, you can just let me know and I’ll do absolutely nothing about it. I’m not gonna remake this video just ’cause I learned a new technique. I hoped it helped out and, uh, I hope you give FireAlpaca a try soon because it’s a really great program, I recommend it, 100%. Also, I just remembered that in the beginning of the video I said something about talking about sharks for six minutes in front of the class, and I wanted to make it clear that it was a speech class. I didn’t go up to, like, in front of the algebra class and then talk about sharks for six minutes. I had to do it, it was for a grade. So… just letting you know I’m not like the crazy shark girl. Woh! Shark Girl. Anyways, uh What am I… doing? What am I doing, ever?


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