How to Mix Hair Color // Redken Shades EQ 101 // Demi-Permanent Dye // Daniella Benita

Hey everyone so today I wanted to dive into shades eq. If you’ve been watching my tutorials you’ve seen that this is my favorite demi-permanent to use for toning and blending and lowlights it really is so versatile and you’ll find so many ways to use it. So first off I wanted to just tell you what shades eq is that way you can educate yourself and also educate your clients and will make it much easier for you to sell this to them and make them feel comfortable. So I wrote some notes here the number one thing I need I think people need to know is that it’s ammonia free. So that means that theres no lift at all which is awesome that means you’re not gonna get any type of brass or anything color that you wouldn’t want lifting you put it on you know it’s just a deposit and it also improves shine in your hair and it also is very very moisturizing which is great clients are going to love that soon as you say hey ammonia-free and also conditions and add shine they’re gonna be sold its it’s just a really great product to use. I use it for everything i use it for toning i use it for any type of blending I want to do lowlights it’s just the best color Corrections are is my go-to I just wanted to dive in on how i mix it I had a couple questions from people on YouTube asking me to show this so let’s get into just a mix it first what you want to start off with is the processing solution so this is like 10 volume 20 volume 30 volume for volume that’s what you’re mixing with the color with but this obviously is not going to lift so we’re just going to call it zero volume so what we’re going to do is I’m going to pick 5n. if you guys haven’t used 5n this is my favorite root for almost everyone this is what i just did on myself actually and i’ll explain what i just did it a little bit just so you guys know but 5n is one of my faves and what you’re going to do is grab just a measuring cup and what it says on the side is 1234 oz so what you’re going to do is depending on how much hair they have or how much you need i would start with less so you don’t waste product as we all know how expensive product is so one ounce goes a long way because you’re gonna mix it with another ounce of processing solution so it really is a lot of color is this stuff’s very liquidy if you used it so what I’m going to do is mix 1 ounce of 5n and then I’m going to do one ounce of processing solution and that’s going to be your you’re mixing ratio so when I say 1:2 in my tutorials I mean 1 ounce to one ounce so one ounce of 5n and one ounce of processing solution so let me show you that really quick there’s one ounce there’s two ounces of your product so i had actually leave five and in there just because that’s the only 1i have to use it on my client later so this is the amount that you’re going to use on a client that you just want to start off with you can always mix more but so 1:1 is usually my mixing ratio and let me get a brush I’m going to show you how liquidy this is so if you can see it really is like water it’s super super liquidy so i always tell people when they’re beginning the uses just be careful because it is so liquidy that if you put too much on the brushes you so used too a thicker color consistency like that thick and will actually stick this stuff does not stay on your brush so be really careful so you don’t get any drips or like splashes like the wrong place because that’s just the worst when you’re blowing out you can see like a big black spot that you accidentally brushed on just take it slow and really blend it this stuff like goes a long way on the so now i’m going to explain what I do with clear ok so now what I’m going to explain is what I do a lot is i’ll delute with clear so basically if I want the 5 to look like 6 i’m going to put clear in there so that it dilutes it basically makes it a lighter color that way if you ever run out of something and you need of 6n you can make it with a 5 easily so what I do is take half an ounce of clear let me do that for you half and then there’s there’s the ounce you guys can see that and then the rest of that with 5n you do another half an ounce you put it all the way to an ounce so there’s there’s that so now 1:1 means you do the same amount to make it to the processing solution so now I’m going to do one ounce of processing solution and that’s going to give you the right mixture for your glaze and now what you made because you used half of clear You made a level 6 and now you can use that and know that you’re not gonna have to dark of a root and it’s pretty much the same texture clear makes it a little gooier but it’s still the same type of texture stir it up real quick and you’re good to go I just want to go over my favorites as far as shades EQ goes for some toners that i use for blondes I’m constantly grabbing 9V violet means that you cancel out yellow so anytime I want to see somebody with no yellow in their hair I grab this and most of the time people want to be super bright blonde so I’ll clear this out with like an ounce of clear and that way it’ll be almost a 10 or even 11 so if you want to do that so you have the littlest amount of like drop-age as far as the lightness goes that’s why i recommend for this i also love 9 NB is such pretty colors like a creamy creamy blonde it’s like pretty natural looking as far as I’m like the shades eq colors go this is beautiful beautiful beautiful color and i’ll mix 9NB and 9V a lot and there’s such a pretty combo so play around with that see if you like it if you’re afraid when you’re doing these colors and not gonna look good take a test strands so pull a piece of hair out and put the color only mix a little bit and put the color on it can see what the color looks like and what I’ll do is I’ll let it sit for like 10 minutes and then I’ll blow out that piece really fast i can see what its gonna look like if you’re taking a big risk in your you’re scared it’s better to not put it all over their head if you don’t know that’s a quick solution for that I also love the gb’s any GB in the Redken line line is so freaking pretty it is like the perfect amount of gold it’s not too much yellow though that’s what i have on my hair right now is I have 6GB right here it’s like this sandy blond color and then I 5n up here so I wanted to explain this to you guys anyway what I did the other day I had that pretty much just highlights and my root was growing out it just looked it just awful be honest all i did was sectioned off the front like this and then I took 5n and I painted it all over my root until about here as you can see and I kept up front but I painted this part just a little bit and then I brushed the 5N every which way I brush it and that blended it and then I took 6GB and I placed that from here to here and i did the same thing with my comb and I just brush it and I used the wide tooth comb don’t use the small bristles it will pull too much of the color down and it will mix and spread way too much so I use the wide tooth comb and I just brush it everywhere let it sit for about 20 minutes and then I held out my front pieces and my ends just to make sure it did it bleed into it because if you let this dark color bleed into your blonde it’s gonna grab like that to make it turn greenish and start what happened to me before it’s the worst so make sure you hold out if your client really light pieces hold those out the shampoo and then rinse the dark color out as much possibly can and then you can put them down or what I also do is add conditioner to their blonde pieces first before i even put them in the shampoo cool that way they are saturated they’re not gonna grab the color and you say so yeah that’s what I did 5n and 6GB super pretty color melt and if you’re trying to experiment with color melts use a 6 and a 7 or a 7 and an 8 Those two one level distance is super super pretty yeah if you guys want me to go into a list of like my favorite toners redhead or blondes or anything like that let me know I can make a little list for you guys and give you that so you have all those formulas ready for you actually think that would be pretty cool you guys and yeah if you need something a little more in-depth let me know i’ll get one of my clients in here and ask them to get in here pretty much to a whole consultation with you guys on Redken Shades EQ so thank you but I just wanted to give you a good base as far as this goes so thanks guys for watching i’ll be posting another tutorial very soon and i’ll see you guys and thanks! Bye!


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