How to make Origami Dinosaur | Paper Craft | Arts and Crafts for Kids

Hello Children, Im Sara – Are you looking for paper craft
? Allright. You’ve come to the right place, I will teach
you how to make neat and ingenious items using basic craft supplies like paper, scissors
and glue. Did you know that Origami came from the Japanese
words “Oru” meaning “to fold” and “kami” meaning “paper” and that’s exactly what we do here
– Fold Paper ! With our illustrated videos and step by step
tutorials, it’s amazingly easy to transform a plain piece of paper into interesting things. So, Kids Grab your Craft kit and lets get
going.. Today I will teach you how to make Wow! Isnt this adorable and cute. I hope you enjoyed spending time with us,
I want all you little ones to follow this video and make some gorgeous paper crafts. Stay tuned with us and Do not forget to subscribe
to our channel and like our video. Bye Bye


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