How to Make Butterfly Footprints| Art and Craft for Kids

[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
Now it’s time to flutter away. Flutter away. Hello! Welcome to Moose Mischief, where we have a fantastic time creating art, making crafts and
conducting science experiments. Today I’m gonna show you
how to make this butterfly. And I have a secret. Butterflies are my favorite. This project is so much fun because
we get to stomp around in paint. Here’s what you need. A few sheets of watercolor paper,
purple paint, plastic sheeting, a black marker, and a paint tray. I suggest washable kids
paint so it comes off easily. Let’s get going! For the first step, let’s put
down the plastic sheeting so we don’t get paint
all over the kitchen floor. For the next step, we’ll put
down the paint tray, and fill it with purple paint. I’m using sparkly purple paint. But you can use any color that you want. I’m gonna put a few pieces of
watercolor paper down on the floor because your footprints might
not turn out the way you like it the first time around so it’s good to have
more than one option. All right! Let’s roll up my jeans! We don’t wanna get them messy! Okay! I’m gonna dip my foot into the paint. I’m starting with my right foot. And I wanna get full of paint! It feels gross. All right. What do you think? Does that look good guys? I’m gonna hop on over here. Oohh! Don’t fall down. I’m gonna put my foot just like this. To make one of the wings of the butterfly. Here we go. Lift your foot up really carefully. Ooh, that looks pretty good! I’m gonna make another one instead
of putting more paint back on my foot because maybe this one
will look good too. There’s less paint on my feet. Can we see what it looks like? So now we have two options. Now, I have to dip my
left foot into the paint. Squish squish squish squish squish. Get that paint right between my toes. So now I’m gonna press down
for the other wing of my butterfly. Now leave a little space
in there for the body. Ohhh that looks pretty nice! Shall I make my second butterfly? I find that the second
print usually looks better. Wow! That looks really good. Okay, let’s set our
butterflies aside to dry. So let’s draw in the body, head,
and antennas of our butterfly. I bet you never knew your
footprints could look so pretty. I had so much fun making
this butterfly with you. If you had fun too,
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