How To Make A Diy Canvas Vision Board

Now we’re gonna make our vision boards.
So this year I decided to step things up a bit. I decided to do this vision board
party for my mommy group because I just wanted to give them something special to
do, something that just didn’t include the kids, something for themselves. So I
didn’t want to do the regular poster board. I used paper board in the past
and it just doesn’t hold up and if this is something that I’m gonna be looking
at for the whole year, I want it to look nice and I figured that the mommy’s
wanted theirs to look nice too. So I decided to go with canvas and ribbon
with the color of their choice. Now what I like about this, is that you can put
this up in your house anywhere and that’s the purpose of the vision board,
so you want to see your vision all the time, and why not put it up on canvas.
This is so simple to make and I’m just gonna go ahead and quickly show you
right now. All you’re gonna do is take your ribbon. Choose your favorite color.
So you’re just going to place your ribbon where you want it to be. You can
do the full board or you can do have because I want them to be able to put
pictures and inspirational messages on their board as well with glue. I decided
to just do the ribbon halfway. I’m just gonna lay out a crisscross design and
make sure that your ribbon overlaps so they can stick items in it without
having to use a clip. So you see how these two pieces of ribbon are on top
and this one’s under? You want to go ahead and just lay this one over this
one so it can hold an item in place and we’ll do this on the other side as well.
Okay so I know this is what I want my design to look like. So now we’re gonna
take the tape and we’re going to tape it into place. Doing a vision board is a
great way to stay on track, it’s like you put your items on the vision board and
then they seep into your brain and you start working on it and don’t even
realize that you’re accomplishing your goals. As you’re going through the year
go back to your vision board to see how many items you can check off, you’ll be
very surprised to see how many things that you’ve
accomplished in such a short amount of time. Okay so I taped my ribbon where I
want it to go where I want my design to lay. So all you’re gonna do, go back over
each place, lift up, peel my tape off and you’re
going to put a little bit of glue… now my mom always says a dabba-doya but I
like to do two or three dabs. So BAM press that, so now you’re just gonna clip
all the ends, so flip it around clip your ends. Okay, after you cut your ends off
you just want to tuck them, clean them up, and glue them back down. So we’re just
going to take our ribbon fold the ends, take our glue gun, put a little bit of
glue down and then just lay the ribbon down. So now our ends are completed and they have more of a finished look to them and you don’t have to worry about
them fraying. And you’re done, it’s really that easy. If I can do it, you can do it
too. Now you have a vision board and a gift to give to someone, two birds one
stone. you’re a college football fan then
you’re my kind of person you know heading to one of the conference
championships that are you this weekend well here’s a creative evading idea
sounds different but apparently it looks delicious I’m Rosalind Daniels with Rosalind
Daniels comm and today we’re gonna be making a DIY Brussels sprouts bar first
you want to start with


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