How To Fix Faded Plastic – Chemical Guys Black on Black

This is Greg from Chemical Guys, and today I’m gonna show you how to fix faded plastic. Faded plastic trim… A lot of people have it, this car definitely has the whole cowl completely faded and discolored. This is a common problem on a lot of cars, and I’m gonna show you how to fix the problem
using our Chemical Guys Black on Black. Chemical Guys Black on Black is great for
this type of situation. You can restore the trim using a trim gel, or a cream/water-based dressing, but this trim has a lot of cracks and crevices, a lot of tight holes, and all those areas are hard to dress with
an applicator pad. Black on Black is perfect for that because
it will restore all the trim and fix the problem. First we’ll shake it up. I’ll pop off the top, then pick up the windshield
wiper. Now you see the whole trim piece is completely
white and chalky, it’s discolored from the sun. I’m gonna take my Black on Black spray, and spray it right on the trim. Look how Black on Black completely restores
the trim, and fixes the faded trim problem. Plus it gets in all the cracks real easy, and gets it done right. Notice this trim over here is completely faded, I’ll take one spray of Black on Black, and easily fix that problem! I don’t have to worry about it getting on
the glass because I can easily wipe it off with a microfiber
towel after I do the entire trim piece. This windshield wiper is also badly faded, I’ll take Black on Black and spray it on the
windshield wiper too. Look at the problem: it’s completely fixed, and the Black on Black really restores that
trim. I’ll move on to the other side to get the
whole trim done. I’ll first do the windshield wiper. Then pop up the windshield wiper and spray
it on the windshield trim. This is an aerosol spray formula in a super
mist, so when I spray it’s not using a lot of product. I’m just getting an even mist all over the
surface. Boom! There we go. Now that it’s done and sprayed on the windshield
trim, I’m gonna take a microfiber towel, and I’m gonna wipe off any excess. You see all the excess on the window completely
and easily wipes off. Easily done! If you want to wipe it off real quick you
can go ahead and give it a quick wipe if you don’t like the high-gloss shine. If you want a more natural finish, you can
easily wipe off the excess. I’ll give this a nice, natural finish that’ll
be dry to the touch. This easily works on any plastic exterior
trim. If you’ve got a faded windshield cowl, faded
vents on your vehicle, faded bumpers, this is great for that! Plus nobody likes to grab an applicator pad, it’s a pain. So we can easily do it with the Black on Black. I’ll move back on to the other side and remove
any overspray. Pop up my windshield wiper, and wipe off the
overspray. This car is 10 years old, it’s been sitting
in the California desert sun, and now we’re able to restore that plastic
trim back to new. I sometimes like to leave it with a high gloss
shine if I have a show car, but this is a daily driver so I’ll give it
a nice, natural finish. Boom. I’ll wipe the windshield wiper, and now we have a nice black look. Now our trim is completely restored, it looks
great, and it has that nice dry-to-the-touch feel. That’s how you easily fix faded plastic trim. If you’ve got a faded plastic trim problem, you can easily grab some Black on Black to
fix it easily and quickly. If you want to check out more of our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel for over 500 detailing tips and tricks. You can also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for awesome news about the Detail
Garage. Always remember: have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!


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