How to Extract *Pencil Sketches* and *Line Art* | Photoshop CC 2018

Okay, we have a fun one today what we’re gonna Do is we’re going to remove these pencil lines from this white background So that we can have it sitting on a layer by itself this is great because you don’t have to use a multiply and then you can go ahead and color the Pencil lines in whatever color you want after the fact using preserve transparency So I’m going to show you this with a very subtle gray pencil Then I’m going to show you one with a marker sketch, so let’s jump right in to it, okay? So we have this image what we’re going to do is we have to clean it up So if you look at the background you can see that it’s not really white So for the technique that I’m doing we need to have that background white so what you want to do is out Navigate up here show you where it’s at. We’re going to go image adjustment levels Command L. Is the keyboard shortcut, I highly recommend that you memorize these because you’re going to use it all the time Then we come over here see this white eyedropper right here you have a black mid gray and white that corresponds to each one of these Triangles here okay It’s allowed you to set the white point the black point and the mid value If I want the pencil value to stay gray well, I’m not going to modify this Triangle here because you can see it’s going to change the value, so let’s say I really wanted to stay Relatively light, but I do have to get this background out, so I’m gonna click on a white eyedropper and if you look I’m gonna come over here to these areas that appear to be gray and I’m gonna tap to remove and Set the white pointer And to be safe, I might pull this over just a tiny bit more Now if you look there’s subtle values inside of this pencil sketch. I don’t want to lose all of that But I do want to knock up that background, so I’m gonna go ahead and click OK now what I’m gonna do is take this lasso tool, and I’m gonna draw around his head and then I’m going to invert the selection which is command shift I On PC. That’s what control shift died Okay now what I’m gonna. Do is since I’m on a background layer What I’m gonna. Do is I’m gonna hit the letter D to bring up my colors by default over here Then I’m gonna fill it with the background color How do you do that you hold down command key, and then hit the Delete key, and I just filled it in white now If it were white before hopefully I didn’t have to do that But that’s just a safety net to make sure I really knocked up a lot of that stuff back to white now Let’s get to the fun part. Let’s go ahead and get this line separate from the white Let’s navigate to the channel Where you see the RGB channel you’ll see art GB, and then you’ll see red green and blue underneath I want you to put your cursor on top where it says RGB Hold down the command key or ctrl if your PC Click your mouse and what it’s going to do is select the value of the image, okay? What I’m going to do now is go to select inverse Now the selection has been inverted, I’m gonna go back to layers I’m gonna create a new layer Now what I’m gonna. Do is fill with the value black I’m looking at my Foreground color so now the fill with foreground color you hold option code option key tap delete And it fills with black Now I’m gonna deselect Now you’re looking at this and you’re thinking okay, image looks darker the reason is if I turn off the background This is what the actual line is now. It’s separating, but what it’s doing It’s sitting on top of this background layer, so it’s getting darker, so I have two options I could put a layer above the background and fill it with white to see what it looks like Or I can fill the background layer, okay, so what I’m gonna Do now is I’ll just go ahead and create a new layer, and then what I’m gonna Do is fill it with the background layer? That’s command key Dilli and it fills now what you have is The value looks very similar to what you had before the beauty of this is this layer one It is Isolated meaning, it’s all by itself, okay Also What’s cool is if I hit the preserve transparency or lock transparency pixels, so if I lock this down If I take a brush, and I’m just gonna pick any kind of paintbrush And if I came over here and select a color, and I start to paint down you turn the smoothing off for a moment And I’m going to make my brush larger. I could actually paint The pencil lines in with a different color This is really cool. Okay, so I can go back in so all of this the line is going to be very subtle and It looks like I drew the pencil lines inside of Photoshop, so let’s do this one more time It’s going to go a little faster. I just want you to see the difference now if we’re using a marker sketch, okay So here what we have is a Copic marker sketch that I did using the Copic Liners and some Japanese brush pins Now what I want to do is same thing. We’re going to go to levels so this I’m gonna use the keyboard shortcut command out Now Let’s see how we can play around with this I’m gonna grab the white eyedropper Come down here and select these Areas to try to knocked out that value I can still see a little bit of that edge So I’m going to take this triangle and move it over to so tiny bit Okay So it looks like I’m eating into the gray a little bit So let me show you something else here now see these black lines because they are Black and I did that would eat, this is different from the other image I’m gonna cook this black triangle and slide it over Because I do want to set the black point and I wanted to have that sharp crisp pop that looks like the actual sketch Okay, so I just set that to black So now I just gave some contrast to my black lines Okay Now I have an option one last thing. I can do this middle gray triangle I can shift the value of the middle values lighter or darker If you had to make any adjustments here, okay, so I’m just gonna leave it about Here, that’s good enough for me. I’m gonna click OK now What I can do that. I didn’t do previously is I can come up to filter and I can go down to Sharpen, and I’m just gonna hit sharpen, and that’s it I’m gonna come back up to filter. I mean sharpen again command up, so it’s just giving a little bit of an edge crisper Visual to the line work, and if you want to do at least one more time that should be enough Okay, now what I’m going to do is go ahead and extract it. The same way. We did previously go over the channels Command key on the composite layer with just the RGB on top Click with your mouse it’s loaded keyboard shortcut to inverse is command shift I Go back to your layers create a new layer and I’m gonna fill it again. If I tap the letter D. It’ll go back to default Colors also let me just show you if you click on this little icon over here the black and white you’ll see it shows you Letter D. This will also go back Okay, I mean default back. Let’s go ahead now. I’m gonna fill and Also, let me show you where fill is if you don’t want to use to keep our shortcuts. It’s under edit fill Okay Here you have an option it’s under contents you can use content aware Foreground color background color, so I’m going to go ahead and use foreground color which is black Again let’s go ahead and deselect It looks really heavy, but that’s because we have it layered on top of the image underneath And then go ahead and fill I’m gonna do command delete this time, and I’m filling with the background color And now I have my sketch on its own layer, okay, and this is what we have Okay, so I think that was a fun one today. I know you guys should be able to use this in multiple situations later on maybe I’ll come back and show you guys how to Get things set up if you’re a comic book artist but for now, I think that’s going to allow you guys to take your sketchbooks into Photoshop and Get those lines separate. It don’t have to use a multiply layer Yeah, it’s a fun one So if you found this video helpful, please don’t hesitate to go down below hit the like and the subscribe button also, if you guys have any suggestions for tutorials that you want to see me do in the future, please go down to the comments section below Go ahead and list the things that you want me to do and I’ll try to get to those as soon as I can in the meantime, peace!

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