How to draw skin — Basic tips with colored pencils.

Hi guys Today I am going to do a simple tutorial
on drawing skin tone. I have been getting a lot of requests to do a tutorial on drawing
skin tone so i am just trying to do a basic tutorial here. Drawing skin is not at all
an easy thing to do. It takes lot of time and hard work to get the smooth skin texture.
and unlike many other drawings it is difficult to identify the correct value of color from
the reference photo. We may take two entirely different values as same because of the optical
illusion. So for drawing skin, We must possess some
minimum abilities like identifying the correct value and most importantly the ability to
draw from one color to another without any visible demarkations. For identifying the
relative values i will share some tips in this tutorial but for getting a smooth gradation
of color, you must practise a lot with colored pencils.
For most of the drawings i dont really care about getting the exact color hue as the reference
picture. But for skin tone this is not the case. We shouldnt pick a color that is too
yellowish or too reddish. it will seriously affect the realism.
So to start with, chose a reference photo with good lighting. Try to avoid photographs
taken with flash on because those photos make the face flat. Then study the photo for the
colors, you may start with the lightest color and then choose the next darker color and
so on. Using color picker tool on photoshop really helps to avoid confusions by optical
illusion. just pick the color and paint it over a white background in photoshop and you
can choose the colored pencil by comparing to that.
Here i have chosen 6 different colors for my portrait. I dont have a really big collection
of pencils so i ended up with terracota and burnt carmine which are too reddish and brown
ochre which is too yellowish. If your color is too yellowish try layering it with pink
and if it is too reddish try to draw only a few thin layers and mix with other colors.
Actually you can draw skin with only a few colors by layering and mixing colors but i
am not going to discuss it here. I am trying to keep this tutorial as simple as possible.I
am using derwent artists pencils because they are harder and they give better results for
portraits. i am using a peach color from derwent coloursoft because i couldnt find any similar
color from my 72 set of derwent artists. You can see that i have drawn a simple color gradation
on the right side. you should be able to do that for drawing skin tone. if you cant then
try several times and you will get the hang of it. In this selection of colors actual
skin color is peach and flesh pink is for highlights and all other colors are for shadows.
I am starting off with the lightest color flesh pink. The light is falling onto her
left side so the lightest colors is going to be on her left side. Then notice that i
changed to the main color peach and i blended it to the lighter color without any demarkations.
whenever you blend two colors you should make it as smooth as possible. Just fill in the
areas with the peach color and for the shadows layer the next darker colors one by one until
you get the desired value. comparing the value again and again with the reference photo is
very helpful. Notice that i drew a few thin layers with brown ochre then terracotta and
finally burnt carmine. This is the thing we have to do in the entire
drawing. Look at the reference photo identify the color with the help of photoshop or by
yourself if you are confident. Then try to draw that exact value and color in the drawing
. and dont forget to blend the colors together. There should not be any hard demarkations
between two colors. Keeping a sharp point always helps to get
a smooth result. If the drawing is too grainy try using some blender pencils with moderate
pressure. Never use solvents to blend a skin tone it will ruin the skin by making it vibrant
and unnatural. You can see that i am using all 6 colors to
get the desired value. This is all based on reference picture so i am not going to explain
each and every step. just study the reference picture and use the same color. it is as simple
as that. At some point you can see that i am using a pink pencil. It is to make the
yellowish colors more realistic. Skin color is contributed by the color of blood too.
so using pink helps to make it more realistic. So thats all for now. Remember the tip and
keep on practising. Thank you for watching and Dont forget to subscribe for more videos
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